Crit Death Knight build???

Death Knight
So I was wondering just how does this work with crit builds such as these couple, I realize that they get more vengeance cause of more damage. So they deal more damage, and such but I have no idea how it really works, anyways I'm gonna try to run it and see how bad it turns out.

I would like thoughts on this and how to go about it.
If DK stacks too much crit, your player model will legitimately explode!

Then you're forced to play a paladin, /shutter
I am using a crit build on my DK, I am only 72 so I don't really count, however it works really well. I find the lack of defensive stats doesn't really matter snice 90% of healers in LFD are using full BOAs. I will have to see if I can get by like this through cata, but I pull very good DPS even single target.

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