~470 ilvl trink question (prot)

So, I got the Vial of Dragon's Blood off Elegon LFR today (+956 mastery and proc-based dodge). My question is, which of my blue 471 trinkets do I replace? One has Stam with proc-based dodge and the other has mastery with on-use dodge.

For reference, the trinkets are the Iron Protector Talisman and Heart of Fire.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated :-)
More than likely you'll want to use the mastery trinket. All in all stamina is a comfort stat, get enough so that you're not finding yourself going squish instantly, and then after that it's not that important. In general, the more geared you (and your healers) are, the less stam you need, and the more difficult the content your doing is the more stam you need.

So yeah, I'd suggest keeping the blue mastery trinket and if you find yourself just getting stomped (and you're sure it's not an issue with your rotation or performance, or a healer issue) swap to the stam one.

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