5.4 PvE Shadow Priests

5.4 is coming and we face it with pretty much the same concerns we had in 5.2 and 5.0:

- Movement
- Out-of-combat resource regen
- Damage output potential

ToT encounters weren't as crippling regarding movement as 5.0 raids. We could manage by using glyphed mind flay, FDCL and even glyphed SWD in fights like tortos. But if movement intensive fights return (which wouldn't be bad, movement is a good thing) we will be in a bad spot again.

Shadow orb out-of-combat regen just makes sense, let's hope they listen to us as they did with the most recent change to SA (which we asked for repeatedly since 5.2 ptr):


That being said, the real problem with shadow is the same we have since 4.0. It's a nice, fun spec to play but there's no justification to bring us to 10-man raids. When ToT started I was happy because the first fights benefited multidotting. Then came mages with a 40% buff to nether tempest along with our -25% SWP nerf, and there went the fun.

We currently have no niche, no special ability justifying bringing us to progression raiding in 10-man, and most of all, no way to contend on fair grounds with other dps specs. We depend on unreasonably lucky proc streaks to barely hit average on any fight but Council of Elders (or primordius if you decide to pad the meters...). Honestly, a lucky streak of UVLS - Legendary Meta (~30s of haste-buffed crits!) should allow us to at least make it above average. I also play a lvl 90 frost mage alt and I have no trouble being on top of meters on ANY fight, single target or multidotting, without actually doing anything special.

Our severely nerfed off-healing and mass dispel remain as the vestigial excuses for not aligning our damage with other classes. Other hybrid class specs such as enhancement and balance are able to perform more than well within their dps role, while also bringing powerful off-healing tools as tranquility and AG/HTT. Mass dispel is useful in 2/28 MoP encounters, and even then it is brought by holy / disc priests which are by far more justifiable for 10-man.

There's still time before 5.4 launch. PLEASE take a look at these issues (not as in 5.2 when you acknowledged we were gimped one week before launch and then nerfed us again one week after).
The only fight I think movement is a big problem is the last phase of lei shen. But in that phase you are moving 80% of the time. And even then that's what is suppose to make it hard for a range dps.

We have a spell that is our cast while moving. Maybe it needs to get buff but we do not need a new one.
I agree 100%. Im not asking to be overpowered or overbuffed....i just think we need to be competitive.

The dps meter might not be the only thing that matters....but as a DPS its what you're judged on...Just like a healer is judged on HPS or over all healing. Im tired of being in a group with a hunter with an ilvl of 480 keeping up with me at 515.

Ill add that I am a good priest (not the best, but good).

I agree with the OP....something needs to be done.
The only two fights I have enjoyed as a shadow priest in this expansion is Will of the Emperor (25 Man) and Elegon (25 Man).
I can't stand playing a shadow priest in single target fights and in PVP I'm tired of getting pawned by melee dps.
07/11/2013 09:37 AMPosted by Typhy
The only two fights I have enjoyed as a shadow priest in this expansion is Will of the Emperor (25 Man) and Elegon (25 Man).

Twist of Fate cheesing. I abhor that talent because its numbers prevented us from having proper balancing back in 5.2. No other class depends so much on a particular type of fight to perform within or above average.
I agree!!! You have to be really really really lucky to just get to the point where everyone else is at. And if you dont then you are screwed! Like he said there is no point to bring shadow priest to 10m or even 25m raiding progression. most fights dont require our passive healing and the fights that do are quickly on farm and it doesnt matter anymore to have that.
07/11/2013 09:10 PMPosted by Wazze
Like he said there is no point to bring shadow priest to 10m or even 25m raiding progression.

I wouldn't go as far as to say there's no point to bring SP to 25-man. 25-man allows for more dps imbalances and therefore more heterogeneous groups. We can be carried around in 25-man.

But the majority of raiding groups are 10-man, and progression fights are more throughput-demanding. Why would you bring a Shadow Priest to a 10-man?

"It's not fair for them to have healing, mana, dispels and things like life grip on top of great damage and survivability."

- Off-healing? Enh-shaman / balance-druids bring better off-healing without the dps loss.
- Void Shift? Paladins bring Lay-on-hands, a more powerful spell, and without the dps loss.
- Mana? WoTLK argument. Any priest brings divine hymn now.
- Dispels? Holy / disc bring mass dispel, and only 2/28 MoP fights make Mass Dispel useful. Shaman brings purge, hunters tranq shot and mages spellsteal without the dps loss (ok, mages might lose a bit, but nowhere near our top damage).
- Leap of Faith? Again, Holy / disc bring that, and druid gets it with symbiosis.
- Because of multitarget fights? Mages own with nether tempest / frost bomb, survival hunters cheese with multishot, without a dps loss on single target fights.
- Survivability? Shadowform just got nerfed to align it with other classes.

So, as much as it pains me, I cannot argue with my raid leader when he wants to bring another mage and bench me for dps-tight progression fights. I simply lack a valid argument.
I don't know why players who play as priests insist that we are always under powered. Compared to others gear being at the same level (535 or so) I have been top DPS on every encounter with multiple targets and 2nd-3rd on the single target fights. Ghost Crawler has said many times that certain classes do better than others on certain fights, and that is what the game is designed around. If every class has the same strengths and weaknesses than what is the point of having a diverse and different class in the end? If it is a fight we have to move around on (Durumu) than our DPS as Shadow will go down, but only slightly. If you know how to DoT correctly, utilize your abilities, and manage gear stats than you should be one of the best DPS classes out their.
I read forms, follow leet shadow priests (Sleightt from Blood Legion), and do all I can to constantly be putting out dps and I have been on top almost every time. While others pull 180-190k on Tortos I can sit at 220k. Counsel is the same way. Why? because as a DoT class multiple targets are my strong suit. I do less on Lei Shen or Durumu but it is never that significant. I can't think of one time I have been at the bottom when looking at others DPS.
Remember that it is as much your play style as it is one little nerf or ability that can change DPS meters.
I love my shadow priest, I worship holy (with my 4 set in 5.4), and have fun because I feel like I am taking every advantage of these specs that I possibly can. If our Monk tank can be the second best Monk DPS on our server while in his tanking spec it must say something about play style and utility. Don't forget to look at overall damage and the amazing survivability that shadow brings to the table, both solo and for the raid.
I strongly invite everyone who doesn't like the priest class, that is currently playing the priest class, to go find a different class the fits your style. If you just can't get the hang of it and feel it is the class, its not. It is your playing style. Go try a different class. To those staying priests; Lets give Blizzard feedback that is actually useful instead of comments like "I just want to be competative," or "Shadow priests aren't even viable options to bring to a raid." I laughed so hard at this entire forum.
L2PRIEST or go roll a hunter
i wonder if he wears his one ring on his left hand

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