Holy PvP questions from a new Paladin

Hey guys, I'm a new Holy Paladin player and have been engaging in some battlegrounds lately for fun. I come from playing a Resto Shaman in PvP and the Paladin is proving quite difficult. I just can't seem to keep anyone up (including myself) for any extended period of time. I always thought of Holy Paladins are "bomb healers" with big heal crits, etc., but I'm just not seeing that. In fact, I had to spec into Eternal Flame (HoT) just to keep players up because my "bomb" heals were pretty weak and not doing much. Slight improvement with Eternal Flame, but still I feel weak.

Question: when Holy Shock is on cooldown, and I'm healing a teammate, should I cast Holy Light or I am just better off casting Divine Light (since Holy light = almost no healing with Battle Fatigue the way it is)? Even with spamming Divine Light, I can't keep anyone up between Holy Shock and I start to fall behind and eventually never catch up. This is, UNLESS, I spam Flash of Light which OOMs me extremely fast and still isn't that powerful considering Shaman's healing surge, etc.

How about AoE healing? This REALLY kills me. I try to use Holy Radiance > Holy Shock for AoE dmg but that's where I feel the MOST weak. I know Paladins aren't tradionally AoE healers, but I'm wondering if there is anything I can do improve in this area.

As far as Beacon of Light, do you guys generally swap that around based on who's being focused? Similar to swapping around Earth Shield? I'm assuming I want to be dumping big heals into the player with Beacon on him for Holy Power generation?

Last question; mana. In dungeons I often melee mobs for Mana return via Seal of Insight... but I find this risky in PvP since if I get close to Warriors/DKs they just tear through me like paper, so more times than not I find myself kiting players and using instants on myself and unable to get mana back. As a result, I find that I OOM faster than any other non-Paladin healers do in the BG. Any tips here?

Thanks :)
I just started a holy paladin and would like some answers as well, they seem really ineffective and spend way too much time holy locked. I must be missing something, can somebody answer this man
I don't know much about the PVE side of things but i know when i first started out as holy i oomed semi quick but once i started getting more spirit i was fine (currently at about 6k) and as for keeping people up it is super easy and everytime i BG i am almost always in the top 3 for heals (if not #1). Mana is almost never a concern unless im healing non-stop for a LONG time or have to heal HEAVY burst (about 4m burst within 3-4 minutes). Holy Shock, Holy prism and Eternal flame are your mana friends all take very little mana and heal a lot. As for using holy light vs divine light/flash of light it is all situational.

Also Paladin AOE heals is pretty crazy right now definitely not a weak spot.
For AOE healing in BGs, you might try the Glyph of Light of Dawn. While LoD will heal two fewer targets, it will heal each target for 25% more. I find that unless I am in something like AV, I am usually not completely surrounded by my team all the time and the glyph (which I use for 10M healing PVE) allows me to hit the couple of people around me harder.
In pvp, I'm constantly holy shocking, even before the fight starts, to build up my holy power. I spread around Eternal Flame as much as possible to send a stream of heals back to the beacon and keep mastery bubbles up on as many people as possible. I beacon someone who is taking damage, and ideally move it to whoever is being focused so that when I cast Flash of Light on them I'll build up a charge of holy power. I use FoL a lot, and mostly use Divine Light only if I have an infusion of light proc. I also use Glyph of Blessed Life to get more holy power.'

HS and WoG are my bread and butter because they are instant, and I can cast them on the move and not get interrupted. At level 90, add instant cast Holy Prism to the mix, which is usually the only aoe heal I use in pvp. I just single target all the time in pvp, and that usually works because only one or two people are getting seriously focused.

I use Hammer of Justice on cooldown, as well as my hand spells. Aura Mastery lets me get off an emergency cast.

I almost never go oom using these strategies. At lower gear levels, prioritize spirit. If you oom, divine plea and duck behind something to drink. You won't get much meleeing in.

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