Paladin vs Warrior

Who would win in a duel??
Isn't it obvious? Whoever has the best raiding gear
Yea but Paladins have Great heals and Warriors have even better Damage
Raid gear > all
Lol sooo should I go with pally or warrior?
Depends on who's playing the classes. A warrior can outplay a pally if he wants to, or the pally can outplay the warrior. Try them both out and see which one you like more. I have both at 90 and find them both to be lots of fun.
Paladins can hard-counter a warrior.
If the warrior makes the paladin bubble without using his cooldowns he should win, because as soon as the bubble is down, he can use his 1 shot macro to crush the paladin.
The cutest one wins... and that usually means the paladin.

STOP CHANGING YOUR XMOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wouldn't base your choice on a 1 v 1 scenario. Both paladin and warriors have their strong and weak points. It all comes down to skill and gear.
Warriors have even better Damage

Who lied to you?
Aside of the all the joking comments, I strongly believe in a straight up duel with all CD's up, evenly geared/skill capped a Ret Paladin should beat a Warrior. Don't get me wrong outside CD's the Warrior has the better damage, but the burst of a Ret will do a big number on a Warrior, especially with GotAK up, and backed up with our solid off-heals we should have the advantage.
I'd have to give it to the ret in a duel, reason being is a good ret will just kite the war around.
the one with the better reaction time wins. minus heroic tot raid gear. minus burst CDs. minus buffs, food, flask, pots.



Honestly not had much trouble with killing warriors with Burden of Guilt. Not that hard to kite and ranged down a warrior with it. I'm really going to miss that talent next patch.
Skill is a big factor in a Paladin vs. Warrior duel. We have ways of stopping their damage, but it's tied to forebearance a smart warrior will know this. It would also be a mistake to disregard a Warrior's personal healing ability, defenses, and especially their burst.

If I could place a wager, I'd say that unskilled warriors are easily rolled by us. But when you're fighting a skilled warrior, it's even grounds.

In terms of fashion, though, we beat warriors. Always.
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Warriors have even better Damage

Who lied to you?

youtubers showing war damage compaired to personal arenaing. and fighting them.

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