No Portal from Stormwind to Pandaria?!

Just switched from Horde to Alliance and there is not even a portal to get to pandaria. Apparently I have to to talk to "Taradormi" and she sends me back in time. Where is she as in this patch? Anyone have a solution for me!? :( thanks.
If she isn't in Paw'don Village at the southern end of Jade Forest (where the Alliance portal will send you), she could be across the bay at Lion's Landing in Krasarang. According to a Wowhead comment, you'll only see either Lion's Landing or the gunship for the first Alliance quests, but not both.

I think I only had to do enough quests to get off of the ship in order for the portal to become active, so after descending from the ship by rope, you can fly up there and check real quick. Weird that they don't put her in Stormwind too.
go talk to king chin go thou cut scene then get quest in front of keep that will take to flying ship in habor that will take you to panda land the quest diffent on the hoard side this ship does not crash

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