what alliance race?

not looking for which one has the best racials or that.... this is more of an opinion question, as far as looks and how they look in paladin armor, which race have you guys always thought looked the best in pally armor
It basically chalks up to which you like the look of most; their animations and whatnot.

I chose a dwarf mainly for their healing animation because I intend on healing a lot so it was a no brainer for me really.
Draenei are superior.
There is only ever one correct answer: Dwarf.
There is only ever one correct answer: Dwarf.

Which alliance paladin is fattest? Dwarves.
Which alliance paladin is ugliest? Dwarves.

You might be on to something.
'Cause having a spine like a deformed kitchen utensil is such a wonderfully glamorous attribute.
Not trying to be a jerk but I don't know why people ask this question.

I will of course say Draenei, someone else will make a witty joke and say Human, someone else will say "lol hairlip" and say Giant Gnome.......I mean Dwarf.

Go use a model viewer and look at each race in different Paladin armor sets, then you decide if you're going to base it off looks alone.
Female humans are the answer. My paladin looks good in just about any piece of plate armor, has good combat and casting animations, and does not have that creepy male human face. I was originally a male human, but I switched to female dwarf (terrible melee attack animations), and then I switched to female human. I might have tried draenei, but I already have a draenei shaman.
Dwarves look best overall, Humans look best in T2 / Grand Marshal and non-tier transmog sets and Draenei look best in Tier 5 and Challenge Mode armor.

Animation-wise, I'd say human > dwarf > draenei but that's mostly because Draenei play golf when attacking.

Charger trumps Elkk.

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