Disc Priest Macros?

Hi new to healing on my priest and was wondering what are some good Disc priest macros?
I'm looking for ones that would allow me to heal through atonement and still be able to bubble and pom my targets all the while not having to reselect the mob/boss.

I use healbot for that!

I cannot help with macros however, but my method of play is

1 = smite
2 = penance
3 = HF

I keep the boss selected while spamming atonement and use my healbot to use PoM and PW:S. It makes my life quite easy.
Mouseover macros. You can keep your target as the boss/mobs, while still healing your party members with ease. The only problem with that would be Cascade, unless you make a mouseover macro for it as well (I assume it can be done, but I personally have been too lazy to do it or test it). And while I have my Penance as a mouseover as well, it may be a better idea to leave Penance alone.... because it's easy to hit a different target on accident when you're using it as a dps spell. But yeah, mouseover macros. You can find these macros all over google if you just type in "mouseover macros", the downside is it takes a lot of typing if you have to do it yourself, since you have to type in the spell's name. :P

ETA: these are unrelated to your desire to use shield and pom while dpsing, but they're good to mention if you don't have them. :P

a macro for void shift + desperate prayer (if you use desperate prayer).
Another good macro(s) is for spirit shell when used in conjunction with power infusion, AA, or inner focus, or with all 3. which is basically this if I remember correctly, it's very simple

/use Spirit Shell
/use Arch Angel
/use Power Infusion
/use Inner Focus
/use Prayer of Healing

then bind it somewhere. and of course if you don't want it to active one of those spells, simply remove it from the macro. just be sure to keep your normal PoH as well. (no idea if the order of the spells matters, I can't remember what my macro is).
I use two kinds. I also don't run any UI mods, so I don't know how they interact with those.

#showtooltip x
/cast [target=mouseover,help] x ; [help] x ; x

#showtooltip y
/cast [target=targettarget,harm] y ; [harm] y

The first was shamelessly stolen from the resto shaman pocket guide and I love it. It heals whoever I have on mouseover, if not it heals my target, if not it heals me. Replace "x" with the name of the spell. Note that because of the way stuff works in order to reliably heal yourself you have to mouseover your portrait or raid frame bar; mousing over your character will not target you.

The second lets me keep the tank as the target and keep casting my damage spells, or if I have an enemy targeted it'll cast on that. Replace "y" with the name of the spell. I'm not sure if the first harm part is needed, but for some reason it acts wonky if I don't have it. Then again, code and I don't get along very well.

I'm not sure if Penance fits easily into either macro since I hear sometimes it's best to not use it as an Atonement heal, but for leveling I put it in the damage one because lol healer top deeps.

One macro I would like to figure out though is for the first one, have it so that when I am pressing shift have it cast Greater Heal instead of Heal. One less keybind, and it makes sense to me; "Press Shift for Greater Heal".
I use focus macros to cast Smite/Holy Fire on whoever I have as my focus (usually the boss). That way I can smite the boss all while shielding the tank or whoever I want.

Holy fire:
#showtooltip Holy fire
/cast [@focus,harm,nodead][harm] holy fire

#showtooltip smite
/cast [@focus,harm,nodead][harm] Smite

I also personally use a mouseover macro for my Purify spell. I don't like having to click the person, and again, it allows me to move my mouse over the person and dispel them without having to deselect my target.

Purify on mouseover:
#showtooltip Purify
/cast [@mouseover,help,nodead][] Purify

Condense your Inner Will/Fire into one button (click the spell and it'll cycle through them both):
#showtooltip Inner Fire
/castsequence inner fire, inner will

A macro that will pop several cooldowns with Spirit Shell. A good way to use everything at once and not waste those valuable seconds:
/cast Archangel
/cast Power Infusion
/cast Inner Focus
/cast Spirit Shell
/cast Prayer of healing
Some of what I've seen mentioned above can be solved beautifully by using a fantastic mod called "Clique" :)
Focus macros are awesome, especially for boss fights when you are going to be on one main target for a long time. Never have change off your healing target if you are tank healing.

You can also look into harm/help macros, they can be great for saving keybinds. Setting up things like smite if harm, heal if help etc will really save a lot of keys.
I'll echo mouseover macros. I pretty much always have the boss or some other enemy targeted for atonement, and my healing is all done with mouseover macros. In addition I find it is very nice to combine smite and holy fire into one macro with smite using [nomod] and holy fire using [mod:shift]. I do the same with offensive and defensive penance.
A few macros from my collection.

Discipline priest DPS/atonement spam

This macro will do nothing if you are currently channeling Penance. Otherwise it will cycle through a pattern of Holy Fire, Penance, then three Smites. The pattern will reset after 8 seconds of no activity, or if you hold shift while activating the action button. If you press shift every now and then, you will see the cooldown for Holy Fire.

This is not an ideal rotation since you may end up having Penance on cooldown before Holy Fire is ready. You should monitor Holy Fire's cooldown and use shift to reset due to the three spams being too long before you have Evangalism up thrice. But it's great for lazy spamming.

If you want to adapt this macro for other uses, make sure you pay attention to the order of target selection: if you get too smart you might end up applying DPS to your hostile target's hostile target, for example in PvP when your target is a healer or in PvE when the add you are trying to burn down is healing the boss. I use @mouseovertarget to allow for situations where we have multiple tanks and I want to apply my damage to someone else's target while hovering over the health bars.

This macro also allows me to target the hostile and spam DPS directly on them, applying shields to whoever the hostile is targeting right now.

/stopmacro [channeling:Penance]
/castsequence [@mouseover, harm, nodead][harm, nodead][@mouseovertarget, harm, nodead][@targettarget, harm]reset=8,shift Holy Fire, Penance, Smite, Smite, Smite

Smart Shield

This macro will cast Power Word: Shield on someone in order of priority as follows: the friendly you have the mouse pointed at (either in the game field or health bars), the friendly being attacked by the nasty you currently have the mouse pointed at, your current friendly target, your current nasty target's friendly target, or if nothing is pointed at or selected, yourself.

I will typically use this macro in combination with my previous one to spam PW:S and atonement DPS through the character I currently have selected, with mouseover for urgent assistance. Of course I prefer using Spirit Shell rather than PW:S, but Spirit Shell is on a cooldown.

I have similar macros for my healing spells too, so I can cast heals on my current target by default, or by mousing over health bars.

/cast [@mouseover,help,nodead][@mouseovertarget,help,nodead][@target,help,nodead][@targettarget,help,nodead][@player] Power Word: Shield

Bubble Prep

This macro will cast the appropriate instant cast spells to be ready for bubble spam. You need to make the choice of which heal to turn into shells, and since that choice is so situational I don't macro it. I have Spirit Shell first in the cycle since that's the one I'm interested in using, the other three are there to boost Spirit Shell and will be used if available.

/cast Spirit Shell
/cast Inner Focus
/cast Power Infusion
/cast Archangel
meh, the best macros, imho are the ones that utilize focus
1. set a tank as focus
2. /assist focus
/cast holy fire
3. /target focus
/prayer of mending
these are examples, once you get used to it they work nicely. ive made a few great ones with shaman healer as well.

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