Monk Tier 16

I've recently seen the new Monk tier on MMO-Champion, It's probably one of the worst things I think I've ever seen, I don't know how you can go from Tier 15, to that.. it looks like a rejected Paladin set. It's awful, you could do so much better Blizzard. SO MUCH BETTER! I'm very disappointed.
Wowhead link that lets you view the set on different player models, for those interested:

Personal Opinion: it looks about average on most horde races (not great/not too bad), looks terrible on some alliance races. Might look okay with the proper shirt.

That said, the pvp gear for next season is pretty much all great-looking for most classes. Looks like blizz just put the art B-team on pve gear this tier.
Tastes are tastes. I think most of the tiers look pretty great.
I've been playing WoW since raiding began and monk t16 is the ugliest gear set to date.
Not only is it ugly but the set bonuses are god awful as well. Thanks for not being able to get monk mastery correct for even 1 year. Looking forward to the next major content patch before this one has even hit.
09/09/2013 10:19 PMPosted by Sijan
I've been playing WoW since raiding began

Thanks for the information I guess.

I am on the edge in regards to whether or not I like the set. The only thing(s) throwing me off is how plain the whole set is, specifically the helmet, and the shoulders.
I personally hate t15 set but love t16 in comparison but will be xmoging to the new pvp set that looks sick each to their own i guess
Ill be xmogging it for sure, the t14 was 100x better.
Could be worse: you could be getting the technoviking set that is Warrior T16.

I like it for my female human but too right it looks horrid on male toons
I love it. Sue me.
I think it looks great. The only thing the artists can be sure of is that there will not be unanimous sentiment about the armor sets. My only gripe with it is that it's a robe. I don't understand why so many armor sets are made to look like robes. The pally T12 set was probably the worst armor set I've ever seen, in part at least because of that.

Winners to me this tier are DK, Monk, Priest, Shammy. I also actually like the warrior set but think they should tone down the LED lights a bit. Hunter? Now THAT'S a bad set.
Lol @hunter set... I totally agree with that... WtF is that thing.. Looks like a submarine.. Alien

Anyway.. I was on the PTR for weeks in full t16 on this troll monk.. I like it looks cool to me..
I don't like the LFR set, but I'm not doing LFR so it doesn't matter.

I enjoy the normal set. I feel like the robes and the color palette remind me of traditional monks. Not the combat monks, but actual monks. Granted, there are also pants available for those who enjoy them more.

And I love the heroic set. Red and Gold is probably one of my favorite color combos, they even added black to it. :D
I'm glad we're finally getting robes instead of pants, but the set is still way, way too gaudy. Monks really need simple robes. Unfortunately there aren't any simple leather robes in the game. :(

Why is there a huge metal waistband? Wouldn't you get internal bleeding if you tried to cast Roll in something like that?

What I really want is something like Chen Stormstout wears. Not technically a robe, I guess, but more of a three-quarter thing.

My only gripe with it is that it's a robe. I don't understand why so many armor sets are made to look like robes.

But they *should* look like robes, because that's what monks wear. I'm not saying there shouldn't be pants available, if people prefer that, but we should at least have the option of robes. Unfortunately all the simple robes in the game are cloth. The leather robes were all made for druids, and are either leafy, or feathery, or made of hard, carapace-like leather that would never work for anyone who has to move around—that is, it's only good for stationary casters or someone who's in animal form anyway.

I don't like the LFR set, but I'm not doing LFR so it doesn't matter.

And I'm not raiding at all, so I guess it doesn't matter for me either. What I'm really upset about is that I can't go back to earlier content and get simpler-looking gear, like every other class can, because there's no monk-looking leather available, and all the simple leather gear looks rogue-y.

It's honestly the thing that's upsetting me the most about the game right now. :(

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