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anyone know how a mage can complete this quest before nalak kills you?
You're not supposed to do the fight by yourself; you're supposed to do it with other people killing Nalak at the same time.
Nalak is raid, get about 25+ people to help you.
Nalak is raid, get about 25+ people to help you.

Or be a blood DK.
You can do it with a few people and just run into the ToT portal when done.
I was able to do this solo as a priest. I used the ability 'Spectral guise' which puts you into pseudo-stealth, which drops all threat from nalak but not the storm spirit.

I think you might be able to do this with invisibility in the same way. Try spearing nalak, going invis, and then surviving the storm spirit (which just involves a lot of kiting). Couldn't hurt to try.
LOL. It is easy to solo.

Stand behind him back facing the stairs going to ToT. Power up using evocation etc,

/cast ice barrier
/cast mirror image
/tar nalak
/cast infero blast (ice lance or arcane barrage)

throw the harpoon. You will visually see the rope from the harpoon linked from nalak to you. If you don't you did it wrong, wipe it up and try again.

turn around and run to the 4 NPC's just outside the ToT chamber. Stop before crossing the door threshold or nalak will reset. wait untill he gets close, NPC's will aggro on him and start fighting.

Just about the time you arrive here in the general chat section you should see something like "Lightning creature formed from the rifts". Once the NPC's are aggroed and you have gotten that message.

/cast ice block

wait about 10 seconds.....

I just popped ice barrier, cast MI, hit him with the spear, once the images were dead (was already kiting at this point), cast invis, finished kiting, done.
pretty sure you can solo this as most classes if you're smart.

as a mage i would have my elemental d'agua stand on the other side of nalak and have him start pelting waterbolts at nalak as you throw the spear at him. Start running from the add, when your elemental d'agua dies and nalak is close to close in on you, pop your mirror images and start running again.
when your adds die and nalak starts to close in on you, use ice block. use ice block glyph just in case.

soak the lightning crap with temporal shield, incanter's ward,alter time @ 100% health, evo + glyph of evo

ultimately not sure if that would work but that's what i would try

I just popped ice barrier, cast MI, hit him with the spear, once the images were dead (was already kiting at this point), cast invis, finished kiting, done.

or that...
everytime I cast MI he stll targets me..Also everytime I hit invisibility it is the one time it works and I lose aggro and it resets..

One wowhead entry said to:

cast MI
ice lance
spear (Then once you have gold thing on you)

but I either reset with invisibility or I get killed by Nalak with 250k +50k (several times) lightning attacks..
07/13/2013 11:55 AMPosted by Hyshal
Nalak is raid, get about 25+ people to help you.

Or be a blood DK.

Grab a tank and a healer.

Kite your add while they keep him busy.

Hearth while they run to ToT portal.

Get it done.
You want it to reset.
You just don't want it to reset before the golden beam linking you to the cloud appears.
Hence buying yourself a little bit of time.

On my Mage (Vyn) I never used any damaging attack as you'll do more damage than your images for 2 - 3 casts and by that time Nalak has eaten you.

The other night on Iq I just used spear, bubbled, ran for about 3 seconds, popped guise after the beam was on me, he reset and I just finished kiting the cloud to death.

Practice it, might take a few tries but it works. If nothing else, just join a Nalak group or throw the spear when the opposite faction has him and leave once you complete the quest.
Hunter = Feign Death.

I got to max range distance, shot him to pull him, threw the lance, disengage, ran backwards for 5 seconds, and hit Feign Death.

He then despawned but I still had the add. I kited it until it died and I had my tempered lance.

Not sure how other classes would do it, but thats how I did it.

EDIT: Stuff was out of order... lol
On my paladin i actually showed up when a few ppl were trying to do the legendary quest themselves so i speared nalak when i could and managed to keep myself alive till the polearm was charged (which i died after because nalak started coming for me )
pop your clones, throw the item at him, hit invis. He should despawn but the mob that chases you should still be alive and well. Run around wait for mob to die.
Greater Invis?
Get Oqueue addon and sign up for nalak raid (seriously theres like 1-2 nalak raids, sometimes more. happening per hour on it) and just do it from that
Honestly, just as easy to find people to help you with it. A friend had a tank and healer come out, so while they kited the add until it died, the tank kept Nalak distracted and when they were done with him, they all ran through the portal to ToT.

I did it the super easy way, was in a full raid group for it and just had my SO make sure they HoT'ed me up good.
I waited for some random dude to pull it and did my thing. Easy.

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