Harsh word?

Me and a couple of buddies will be doing some 3's in a week or so, Were planning and hopefully going to be pushing to 2k, My quest is....Is Harsh word viable in 3's?

(Sorry if the post doesn't make sense i'm tired..., thanks in advance)
imo the best glyphs for 3's are:

Glyph of Word of Glory to off-heal teammates and get an extra damage boost

Glyph of Turn Evil Insta-fear ghouls, gargoyles, and psyfiends is extremely useful

Glyph of Templar's Verdict This is just kinda mandatory..

Glyph of harsh words isn't all that great imo and there are much better choices for 3's.

you are ret right? If you're holy I would advise still taking the glyph of turn evil.
if it hits as hard as judge/ex/temp/wrath id say its viable.
I haven't checked it in a while, but Harsh Words WoG didn't match TV when one considers the physical portion and the Hand of Light proc when I last tested it.

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