Spec for low level Palladin

I think i like Ret and Holy most. Which is the best for leveling and most fun?
prot is the way to go for ever thing
you get dungeons faster then ever one use and for pvp they do lot dmg and they can heal them selfs full
07/14/2013 09:39 AMPosted by Mclayx
prot is the way to go for ever thing

That may be, but if he doesn't enjoy it then it will go slower than playing a spec he does enjoy.

I found that Holy will do fine for leveling because of how spell power scales. Your holy shocks will hit like trucks at your denounce will be hard hitting as well. Once you find that your spells aren't quite doing the job (around level 80) then you may want to consider going Ret. Ret is loads of fun once it gets its complete "core abilities" set.
You can level in any spec...If you are new to the class and cannot switch specs easily without a steep learning curve then you should play what you want to be good at.

I personally enjoy Ret for questing and Holy for team play (PvP and PvE). The drawback is carrying two sets of gear.

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