spirit of war

will they be available in flex raids?
i dont think we have any info on that yet but my money is on no unless the items crafted with them are flex ilevel.
well they are changing how these things work in 5.4. the spirits of war will allow you to create more crafting mats instead of the actual armor now.

for example:
a bs can make 1 balanced trillium ingot a day due to cooldown

but there is a recipe you also learn called accelerated balanced trillium ingot that takes a trillium bar and 1 spirit of war and has no cooldown.

legs take 28 balanced trillium ingots currently on ptr

edits: lots of corrections and clarifications >.<
Probably not, but blizzard could just as easily decide we need to generate more interest in flex and bam they will come from flex.
i still think they wont be in flex.

I haven't really payed much attention to how they are doing these for 5.4 but if what you say is true that's pretty disappointing.

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