Best Horde Rogue race? PvP

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Rolling a rogue Horde side. Was wondering what the best horde race for a rogue is. Looks mean nothing to me. I'm all about min/maxing this rogue. I want it to be my new PvP stud. So in regards to PvP what is considered the top horde rogue race?
Why did you post this in two places?
Orc. Or Undead if you like metal.

I can't tell you how many times I've been thankful for WotF.

In general, the top Horde race for PvP is likely Undead. Just go look at the majority of the top ranked Horde. Those that can be Undead, pretty much are.

is never the right answer
but just to be clear. undead.
Race doesn't matter unless your going for hurpdurp Gladiator title.

Undead/Orc are highly recommended.
Troll/Gob/Belf are still viable.
Yeah, I hear this question over and over and over....Here is some very relevant information to help you make your decision:

Yeah, Forsaken can use their racial to break sleep and fear. Yeah, they get a life leeching racial to replace the previous racial that prevented them from quickly falling apart when submerged in water. (that's the undead equivalent to drowning) I can't really say that I agree with that evolutionary development because crap, we have to drink that water, and grabbing yourself a cold glass of Forsaken flavored water will seriously ruin your whole day.

Keep it real here, have you ever really looked at a Forsaken? They are totally gross. I saw one without a jaw and it would seem that whatever species they were before becoming an ambulatory compost heap had tongues that attached to the roof of their mouths....gross....I mean, that's just so nasty. The other racial they have which is really sort of strange is the ability to instantly turn brand new gear into a bunch of rags the instant they equip it. Forsaken do to clothing what Goblins do to Gnomish self-esteem.

Every time you hear someone whining that their Vanish doesn't work and the alliance keep hitting them after they are supposed to be using stealth, It's most likely a Forsaken. The explanation is sort of awkward, but I think that the Forsaken and I are tight enough that I can tell them why it happens. I mean, I would want them to tell me. The problem with stealth as a Forsaken isn't that you are not vanishing correctly or stealthy enough. It's, this is harder than I thought it would be. Okay, It's because Forsaken are known to have some issues stink. There, I said it. It's the smell that gives you away, your rotting carcass stinks so bad that everyone knows when you are around. You guys should forget about developing Life-Stealing racial mutations and research some sort of speed-stick aura.

Yeah, Blood elves are the "Madonna" that contrast the Human female's "Rosie O'Donnell," They are the "Beyonce of the Queen Latifahs," they are the reason male Warcraft players will sometimes talk dirty to other male Warcraft players. Despite being an ugly color, and by "Ugly" I mean not green, Green is totally hot, you know it, don't hate. Anyway, The Blood Elf in action is slightly less repulsive than watching some human chick dance the macarena like a circus elephant making a one-time-only appearance at Thomas Edison's "check out what this this electricity stuff can do" exposition. So some may think Blood Elves look good if said fanboy is actually into that whole "I'm too sexy" attitude, huge hair care product expense, and physical proportions that make Barbie dolls suffer body dysmorphic disorder.

To the humans, please tell us, what in the hell is happening with the human female's thighs? Can't you guys send her jogging, or try to regulate her carbs? I'm telling you guys, you gotta make them feel sexy again, make them want to impress you. Start by shaving off those stupid mustaches and stop blowing all of your cash in Goldshire on Draenai lap dances. However, I did hear that in the Draenai lap dance business, they refer to their tails as "the shocker." Humans are nasty....that's so wrong.....but uh, if you could teach us Goblins how to say just a few sentences in Draenai....It can totally be worth your while.

Just so you know also, Blood Elves are also some serious junkies. If you can get even a little Arcane on you, you got yourself a naked Blood Elf party. Check this out, I was in Silvermoon City trying to chat up this dopey Hunter who was still wearing those cute little checkered capri pants, and this innkeeper tells me that if I really want to seal the deal, I should buy some of these "arcane bath salts" he keeps behind the counter. He said they were totally legal because they were not considered actual Arcane, which as you can imagine, ain't easy to come by in Silvermoon. He was totally right, those elves will do anything for a fix. Hooking up with a Hunter is sort of easy mode anyway. Getting rid of them afterwards is hard. They are all super pushy about relationships and always wear goofy sweaters with animals on them when everyone else dresses up. But hey, you should really check out Silvermoon anyway. People see less overt substance abuse at a Phish concert

Listen to this, one time on a dare, I bagged up some Murloc guano and sold it to this Blood Elf Paladin who hangs around the Halfhill farm. I told him it was "Arcane resin" and he totally fell for it. That Paladin is in bad shape, always twitching around and looking sketchy. Seriously, I go to Halfhill to work my farm, he walks up and acts like he is looking at something from one of the food stands, then he whispers that he will massage my carrot if I can front him some arcane. I know right? Sometimes "WTF" just doesn't seem to have enough letters. Anyway, he said that he guarantees that I won't be disappointed. I never took it that seriously until I was in the outhouse and someone had written on the wall that the Paladin will work your carrot til it is bursting.

Now, I've been growing a ton of Carrots because I dig the stir-fry, but I never massaged any of them. I notice Farmer Yoon and the Paladin sort of wandering off at the same time, then they always seem to come back about ten minutes later and Yoon pretends like they don't know each other. Maybe there is something to this whole carrot massage thing and Yoon is trying to keep it all for himself... Tomorrow I'm gonna hook that Pally up with some A-Train, but he'd better get down and dirty working my carrot. If it doesn't end up absolutely huge, I'm totally gonna shank him.

It's true that Blood Elves can cause a small area of people to be silenced and the elf even gets a little boost of energy from it...Nobody is exactly sure how they do it, bulimia maybe. I think it's Arcane related, I think they just are so tweaked that people freak out and can't really think of anything to say. Those stick-figure Japanimations will even get down with a Dwarf if he can score them some junk. Beware if a blood elf ever offers to show you the "Sun Well Sandwitch" or a "Silvermoon Harpoon." Rumor has it that they both involve some weird form of tentacle @!*#%%@*.

Alright, Orcs....Well, where to begin? The Orcish big daddy Garrosh is just a colossal tool. Nobody can actually hang out with this guy. I'll say it, because I'm a Goblin, and !@#$ you anyway. Garrosh has completely fried his melon and everyone knows it's because you Orcs are juicers. Get this, my pal and I were partying with Garrosh last week. So things are going fine til our hero the war-chief decides to show everyone how he is just made of the stuff of awesome and start showing off for some Tauren chick. So he does back to back keg stands for like ten minutes straight. Ten minutes later: Category 5 meltdown.

Garrosh starts screaming "Blood and Thunder" while simultaneously trying to head butt everyone. Then, because no drunken rampage is complete without it, he decides to take his shirt off. I mean, who does this guy think he is, Matthew McConaughey? Next thing we know, Garrosh is touching my buddies girlfriend inappropriately and asking her if she's ever seen a real Pig-Man naked. The guy that hosted the party asked Garrosh to cool it because man, that is just so not cool. This poor guy probably just wanted to have a little pig party with his warchief, maybe do some wallowing in the mud pit he built in his brand new manure hut, and the War-chief turns out to be about as much fun as a rectal fissure. Garrosh wouldn't calm down until every guy at the party let him win in arm wrestling. Total buzz kill.

So it's no small surprise that Orcs can racially boost their already formidable physicality and hit things harder for a short period of time. Ok, Yeah, we Goblins think the duration of the burst is very likely related to attention span, but whatever. Yes, Orcs can also recover from stuns about a nanosecond before anyone else in the Horde. That could be because Orcs have some pretty formidable bone structure in their skulls...sort of like a.....repulsive mud wallowing bipedal monster. But among Goblins, it is also theorized that the Orc ability to shake off a big shield bash to the face is quite likely related to usage of performance enhancing drugs..... Let me put it this way, if Orcs were to name their children by selecting the first thing the mother orc sees after giving birth, every orc in existence would either be named "Roid Rage" or "Spotter "

So to you Orc rogues, with respect, we of the /cough-elite-cough/ Goblin ranks do not contest that an Orc can be quiet, stealthy, and go through the motions of roguery like every other wannabe Goblin out there. But just because you can doesn't mean you should. Remember....Worgan do the same thing, and I don't even think they technically have opposable thumbs. Seriously, Those Worgan are gross, they look like normal humans until they don't think you are watching and then...Bam, they go all "Full Dog Mode" on you like some Furry in a Snoopy suit realizing that you are the only thing between him and cruising the bar during a clown convention.

We of the "Goblin's R Awesome" Initiative have been doing some research, and we contend that there is no Lycanthropy infection at all, that's just some disinformation to cover up the horrible truth. We believe that we have pinpointed "Ground Zero" of the emergence of this odd Dog/Human or "Worgan" hybrid species. Our research indicates that this offspring was created as a result of the mating of a human and canine. All indicators suggest that the conception likely occurred on Moonglade.

In Conclusion, if the Orcs could possibly try counting to ten while I say this so no walls get punched or puppies get kicked...Roguery is a precision art that requires a certain calm, cool, collected type of moxie that Orcs just may not...well....Orcs are sort of.....lets just say that you never see Goblins hanging out in the gym screaming obscenities at each other trying to provoke just one more rage fueled rep, now do you? Orcs, I know "Goblin Envy" is natural for you, and we just do the rogue thing so smooth that you get all competitive. But take some advice, get some plate armor, get a shield, get your swell on and go nuts. I didn't want to have to tell you this, but I heard from a Forsaken that there is a bunch of Night Elves in Goldshire saying Orcs bench press like little girls and have been officially declared "the other white meat" gonna let em get away with that?

Trolls can rogue about as well as they conceal their accent. Seriously, like ten people in the world think Troll accents are cool and nobody can dance to Reggae without looking ridiculous, *except Goblins of course* Trolls dance slightly worse than a druid in bear form who learned from an unillustrated version of "break dancing for dummies" with half the pages missing because Garrosh mistook it for a paper sandwich.

Well, my friend, we are your only real choice. You know why? We got heart. We got heart, we are by far the most attractive race, we have Moxie, and to ice the cake....we're green. Eat your heart out, you know you're Jelly....Green is totally the new black. We Goblins and Goblins alone brought sexy back to the Horde. The lesser races admire us so much that they give us reduced prices in the shops. Also, rogues have to be quick. We are quick. Everyone else...not quick....Goblins are lighting fast and slicker than cat snot on a Blood elf butt. Lots of people think that our innately superior haste is a racial thing, truth is we just naturally develop better reflexes and muscle tone while we complete hip hop dance training....yep, we dance better than Blood elves, seen a Blood Elf dance before? Blood Elf dancing is about as sexy as watching someone flag in a Zeppelin. Someone needs to tell them that type of choreography requires several background dancers just to prove the Elf was dancing instead of having Arcane withdrawal muscle spasms.

Ok, so yeah, the other races are gonna gripe about our inventions since we ran low on a certain nutrient that we sort of well...need. Yeah, it's an issue, we're working on it. Haters gonna hate, I don't see Taurens inventing Zeppelins, or Trikes, or dancing well, why do they get their butts kissed just because they are big? That sucks. The other races never talk smack to the Taurens about their dietary requirements but everyone wants to call the Goblin an accidental side effect of an artificially engineered pseudo-evolution....Pay attention, Goblins don't chew our cud. Those grass eating, mouth breathing, Cow-people who hail from the lovely lands of Cow-pie-ville stand around all day chewing their own regurgitation, but does anyone point out how nasty that is? NOOOOOO, everyone is too busy oppressing the noble Goblin. So as spokesperson of the "AllUrWivesRbelongToGoblins" movement. I'm going to officially state that we are going to need you to crawl down out of our collective Goblin Derriere. Otherwise, I'm gonna have to shank you.

Be a Goblin....Lean, mean, shank you in your spleen, repeatedly seen exuding the kind of epeen that would make Charlie Sheen Green with envy. (Which is a totally different and far less impressive hue than those of the aforementioned noble Goblins)

Gambling, tinkering, Laundry. Come run with the big dogs baby, metaphorically speaking of course.
@OP Undead


Nice effort though. Respect for writing all that.
Undead for sure i have played this class for a long !@# time and undead is the best atm back in vanilla Orc with off hand maces were SOOOOO OP but for now as it stancs the Wotf racial is very nice and cmonwe are smexy bastards with our spine showing and $%^- aww just gota love us undead
Blood Elf silence is crucial for globaling an enemy. However undead has some advantages as well... the aoe silence is more effective in playing objectives such as returning a flag etc.
I've played all three. WOTF is overrated for what your expectations will be. AOE silence is ok too, but about as "crucial" as having a tail.

Dude, roll what you want and worry about your skills. Trust me, if you get to the point that Wotf or 1 extra silence is all that is holding you back from being a'll realize that you never needed either one and you already are a gladiator.

Basically, the question you are asking is "after I become completely flawless as a pvp rogue, am I going to have the optimal race?"

Worry about the optimal race after you have become completely flawless. For now, pick one you like and get playing. I'll tell you why I play a goblin after playing a blood elf and a forsaken, but someone in here will troll my response. It has nothing to do with theory-craft of measuring one toon against another toon as if the players themselves are equal. It has to do with what you will notice about a BG or RBG the minute you change to Goblin. You really have to experience it for yourself and you will notice pretty quick after you make one if you have played as one of the other races before.
They are your only options, and should be the only options in game..

Because this dude just hates racial diversity. I'll bet you 20 dollars he lives in a compound.

As far as Crazymad playing his rogue "A long damn time" and pegging Forsaken as the best PVP class since the mace stun orc from Vanilla, If you check out his achievements, that forsaken rogue he is posting on hasn't PVPed more than about 15 minutes or so. Seems odd to me.
07/15/2013 04:32 PMPosted by Slyck
They are your only options, and should be the only options in game..

Because this dude just hates racial diversity. I'll bet you 20 dollars he lives in a compound.

As far as Crazymad playing his rogue "A long damn time" and pegging Forsaken as the best PVP class since the mace stun orc from Vanilla, If you check out his achievements, that forsaken rogue he is posting on hasn't PVPed more than about 15 minutes or so. Seems odd to me.

Dude, you play a goblin rogue that has NO advantages when it comes to PvP. And you think you have the right to tell him, he's wrong??!?!?!? TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Because this dude just hates racial diversity. I'll bet you 20 dollars he lives in a compound.

As far as Crazymad playing his rogue "A long damn time" and pegging Forsaken as the best PVP class since the mace stun orc from Vanilla, If you check out his achievements, that forsaken rogue he is posting on hasn't PVPed more than about 15 minutes or so. Seems odd to me.

Dude, you play a goblin rogue that has NO advantages when it comes to PvP. And you think you have the right to tell him, he's wrong??!?!?!? TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Oh yeah, I sure do. He is wrong for answering PVP questions having never pvped, you are wrong for agreeing with him having never pvped, and you are even worse for getting aggressive about it with me....I have played a Forsaken and I know what a letdown WOTF is in /cough/ actual level 90 pvp, the kind with some rating attached to it.

Now, you can hate on Goblins and claim that the top rogues in the world all play Forsaken and I will say.....yep, and I'm sure they have a reason for it that you are summing up as "WOTF" because that's all you can see. But the fact is, you aren't one of them and you aren't even qualified to really get up my !@# like that.

Fact is, Goblin has some pretty neat advantages that aren't really as obvious as you may think. Tell you what, get to some pvp.....get back to me then, ok?

But I will tell you to begin with is that one of the best advantages of being a Goblin is I can say, "Yo, $%^- you!" and everyone considers it RP, derp.

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