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I was wondering and considering doing a Let's Play Series on Youtube for fun. The 3 biggest classes I was considering was Dk, Paladin, Monk in that order. DK Is my fav and like to start over though the only downside is its a bit odd starting a Let's Play Series at 55 but maybe that does not matter?

I'm told DK is one the best Solo classes still in the game where the Monk might be considered the 2nd best. Not sure how you guys feel about that comment in this section but mainly here to ask about how well does ret solo and do in dungeons.

I just recently did Feral Druid in kitty form and was pretty much out DPS by ever class out there.

I was told that Ret Paladins are not as strong as they use to be in Wrath but I thought I would ask the experts.
Ret's "strength" in Wrath hinged pretty much on a glyph that boosted damage against undead, in a zone full of nothing but undead, and a spammable set bonus. Ret is stronger now, and mechanically better, than it has ever been.

For soloing older content, Ret is still quite good. I've soloed all of the old 60 raids, all of the 70 raids except Grruul's (tried it back in Cata and didn't have the DPS for it; now, should be a breeze though - got my Hammer, never went back LOL), and from Wrath on 10-man I've soloed all of the T7 raids (including Malygos!), Ony, ToC, and some of ICC (got bored soloing ICC, as there's nothing I want/need from there), but haven't bothered attempting Ulduar though it is likely quite easy.
Thanks for the comment. Yeah that sounds good if ret is stronger and yeah makes sense on the undead stuff though I thought most that had been nerfed overtime. I was not aware that Blizz was still doing a lot of damage channel stuff these days. Seems that they kind of went away from diff resists and such.
Ret is stronger now, and mechanically better, than it has ever been.

Pretty much this. Doing a Let's Play series of a Wrath era ret paladin would be extremely boring, but nowadays watching someone work around holy power, Inquisition, and the traditional cooldown burst that makes the spec what it is could be a lot of fun.
They did. In Wrath we had a minor Glyph of Sense Undead which was a flat...1%, I think, damage boost against undead while we had Sense undead active, on top of talent boosts to damage against undead. All that is gone, now. We don't even have Sense Undead anymore, regardless of the glyph.
Thanks guys. I sort of miss the whole resistance days but I guess it was for the better good of keeping things more in balance.

I'm still a bit caught up on DK Vs Paladin I know DK can solo more and I wish they were even. I'm one these kind players that have any kind doubts at all it sort ruins my gameplay. Hopefully I will convince myself :)
I decided to go with Paladin. Wanted to rethank you guys :)

I updated my blog here with info for the future:

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