Inbound Heals and Tank

Hows it going Saurfang Alliance,

I recently relocated to the SE Asia area and being on a 12 hr difference from my old server just isnt working for me anymore. I also just recently got back into the game and am really looking forward to finding a good squad to spend a few drunken nights raiding and laughing with. I was out from about the beginning of Cata till about a month ago. I'm an old Vanilla raider and while skins, lvl's, and HP changes for raids, not standing in the fire has always been the general idea.

Anyhow, I plan on bringing my Resto/Feral(crap awful OS gear) Druid ilvl 475, and a Prot Warrior (still to reach 90) over to this server in a few days and was looking to have somewhere to call home rather than shop around for a guild in trade chat for a week. I'm 21 working full time, I'm a pretty laid back guy, I can get along with just about anyone as long as someone isn't a royal pretentious !@# for no reason.

I enjoy the social aspect of the game but am looking to raid ASAP, i understand GS needs to get a bit higher but iv done pretty well pretty quick so far. I can pull 2 days a week, maybe 3 if my schedule allows but i have some influence on it so any info asap and i should be able to make it work.

As i do not have a toon on the server please send what info you can, an Officer/GM name attached and i will make a alt to get in some real chat time at your convenience.


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