I have totally forgotten how to play Ret spec

I have been away a very long time and came back in the middle of all the major changes.

As I read sites like Noxxic and forum stickies, I see they really only cover a raid environment.

I am embarrassed to ask, but you guys have always been very nice to this old man. What is the normal (and most simple) Retribution rotation you use when leveling?

I am just getting ready to get started in Pandaria and any help would be appreciated.
Just follow the raid strategy, except for whatever spells you don't have yet. Only difference is you don't have to keep up Inquisition for questing (I do it anyway, because it's a big damage boost).
I would recommend looking into getting the CLCret addon, as it will help you learn and become comfortable with the modern Retribution rotation. Only part you'll be missing from the various guides' rotation is the L90 talent.
Here's my "simple" rotation when attacking a mob for a daily quest, assuming I don't have Inquisition up yet:

Approach mob
Crusader Strike
Inquisition (20 second duration)

Now prioritize abilities as they come off cooldown.
Top Priority descending to Lowest Priority:

Keep Inquisition up (try to refresh it with 1-3 seconds left)
Templar's Verdict with 5 Holy Power
Level 90 Talent (which usually is Execution Sentence or Holy Prism as ret)
Hammer of Wrath (if it's up)
Crusader Strike
Templar's Verdict with 3-4 Holy Power

Don't forget to heal yourself.
Click boss. Place face on keyboard. Roll.
Thank you all for the tips, trying to learn all these toons with all the changes made can be a pain. Much appreciated.

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