A returning pally

Ive ecided to come back to pally tanking,seeing this is the same toon Ive ran from vanilla to WotLK.I do have some questions. 1 Why did blizz,put Crusader strike and HotR on the same CD? Kinda irritating IMO. 2 Was there some hand spell usued in conjunction with Clemency that help remove stacks from a boss
Because Crusader strike and Hammer are more or the less same ability, they are the same cooldown, just one is for single target, the other for AoE. Think of it as a warriors, Heroic strike which is for single target, and cleave which is for multiple.
HotR is also a pallys Weakned blows debuff,just like to a warrior is form of weakned blows is TC.The only difference is it as a separate C/D,instaed of sharing one.I just found that a bit odd.Anywho was there an answer to the second part of my question?

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