Celestial Blessings strat for Hunter

So I completed it as a BM with a spirit bear. Kill the blobs when they spawn then run to edge of balcony and FD. Let your pet die. When the mirror images fade he will come up to the balcony and you can rez your pet and dps him down ..took some tries but this worked
Impossible to do as MM. Unfortunately, MM is all I've ever played and I don't feel like learning BM. Quite a dissapointment.
Feign Death doesn't work anymore now that the adds are immune to it.
Did they change the adds being immune to in within the last two weeks? I completed this about two weeks ago and had no issues using FD. I followed the strat listed on wowhead. If my pet was out, it didn't work. I went SV and did the whole fight without a pet. It was pretty easy.
did this as MM spec. binding shot helps hold the adds while you burn them down with Barrage and multi shot. These 2 shots hit alot harder in this spec. Also talent spec spirit bond and glyph of liberation this coupled with Chmera shot gives you pretty adequate self heals. With this strategy it only took me 2 fail attempts. I was ilvl 523 when i did this.

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