Open Libram LXXXVII: Mobile Suit Paladin

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Greetings and welcome to the 87th installment of the Open Libram! The beautifully large nd sexy alternative to Mangle/Sentry Totem and Tank Lounge!

In these threads, we talk about everything Paladin. Some cool. Some lame. Some information dangerous. Got that question that you're kind of afraid to make a new thread about, or just tired of getting trolled on Trade Chat? Ask it here for a more personal response.

So Blood Elves, get your hair ready, Draenei and Tauren clean off your hooves. Dwarves, the nearest alcohol is to your left for your enjoyment and Humans... well do whatever it is you do that keeps you alive. Or stuff.

Enjoy! Have fun everyone!

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Code Geass is still terrible.
Valvrave is the new Code Geass.
07/16/2013 02:59 PMPosted by Cayse
Low level pets just need to be less than 3 levels below the pets you're fighting. Put them in first, do one ability and switch it out. They have to actively use an ability in the fight to get xp.

I've leveled pets from 11 fighting lvl 22s and they always get XP - but I always make them go first and perform 1 ability before swapping them out.

So level doesn't really matter, just that they perform 1 ability even if it misses.
So all they really need to do is survive 1 hit from the other pet?
I cant stand the art style of it, other than its corny story.
Wait, Code Geass is CLAMP? Wut? Thought they only made girly stuff.
Code Geass was hilarious. Never saw 00, still say Seed and Destiny were good.

Assassins Creed II doesn't do much to teach you it's controls.......I can also see why some religious groups made a bunch of drama about the series.

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Doesn't belong.
Doesn't belong.

Hmm didnt realize that was grog's first post

fxd with relevant video

Code Geass was hilarious. Never saw 00, still say Seed and Destiny were good.

Go see 00
Paladin mobile suit would be super easy. Just bulk out the CM armor. Stick that big "V" antenna on the helm and hope it sticks, unlike all the Vs on my models. Lost forever...

Just went through 50 pages of fanart but....
[Heavy Arms] Custom was much better

Blasphemy! That suit was basically the epitome of a glass cannon - or a gundarium cannon, as the case may be. Original at least had some measure of defense with its shield and a fall back with its heat knife - Custom was absent both; when custom went OOM, it was totally screwed.

spme RGM-79[G]s

The GM suits?

The GM ground-type from 08th MS Team, yeah. They were better than the basic GMs from the original series, but not by much; for ground ops, they had a lot more customization and special load-outs, where the original RGM-78s were pure cannon fodder.

07/16/2013 04:05 PMPosted by Chaz
Just went through 50 pages of fanart but....

Ha! Love the shoulder-mounted beam sabers on that, and the skirting; really works.
About the earlier comment of Heavy Arms being silly and bringing a knife to a gun fight, what do you call beam sabers?

Also the Epyon was a completely melee based suit, so was the Sand Rock pretty much and the Death Scythe and.....

Well most Gundam Wing suits really.

Besides, Heavy Arms had so much weaponry by the time it ran out of ammo everything was dead anyway.

Also the thing could do acrobatics, always thought that was a bit silly. Gundam doing back flips.

Just went through 50 pages of fanart but....

Was just looking that up.

Filters are your friend, filter "Paladin" and it's on the first page.
Actually Heavy Arms never had beam sabers, he only had that wristblade.
Actually Heavy Arms never had beam sabers, he only had that wristblade.

I know, point is they're all melee weapons.

Actually the Heavy Arms was equipped with a beam saber when Heero piloted it.
Gurren Lagann cheese is best cheese.

Code Geass is still terrible.

Then I'll happily keep my terrible tastes.

Valvrave is the new Code Geass.

Definitely carries alot of the same themes. Including some hilarious melodrama.

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