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I am absolutely gutted that they are out of stock. I bought some for a friend, and he framed them. They look so good I went today to purchase them for myself and see they are sold out.

Does anyone know where I else I can purchase them? I am desperate for them! I really really want to get hold of them.

Any chance Blizzard will bring them back?
It would be nice - they are pretty amazing.

Normally I am not huge into game decoration / paraphernalia, but those posters are just amazing. Whoever in the marketing department thought them up should be given some sort of award. The fact that you get one for each Opera event makes the pack even better.
Heh, I used to work at Hastings (Think Blockbuster+Barnes and nobles+Music store in one) and I worked in the back, so when all the promotional posters came in we would go through them and pick out the ones we wanted and take em home (We didnt use 90% of them, and the ones we did usually had extras). I have some pretty neat gaming advertisement posters but my all time favorite is a replica of the Everquest expansion Shadows of Luclin. Basically its the box but its about 24X48X6 - its really neat.
I know...they are great! I don't know why they don't make more of them. It's not hard to manufacture posters.
I never really check out the Blizz store, those are awesome posters.

I hope you can get them soon!
I really hope they restock these posters, I had been putting off purchasing them. Now I`m just full of regret.
OMG how did I not know about these.

My hopes and dreams were raised and crushed in one fell swoop!
They were in stock again for a brief period over the weekend but have now vanished again.

However, mine arrived today :)


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