Should I Bring Him Back?

This was my first toon 5 years ago that i ever got to max level. I didn't play much in cataclysm, hence the crap gear I have. Also, Paladins have changed a lot from what I remember.

Basically, I am torn between bringing back this guy, or leveling up my rogue (currently 63)

This is for PvP, by the way.

Would it be worth it to bring my paladin back into action again? Or should I go with the rogue?

Thanks in advance. :)
Sure, why not?
thanks lol
I've been having a blast in PvP with my Paladin. I would say go for it!
Well, if the current raid trinkets on the PTR go live, Strength and Intellect classes will reign supreme (with rets being one of the better strength classes here)

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