[A] <Carebears> LF1 R.DPS 11/14 +8GMT

Current Progression is: 11/14 NM

Previous Progression (Prior Patch)
7/13 H ToT
5/6 H MSV
3/6 H HoF
4/4 N Terrace

Previous progression for last expansion is full clear of DS & Firelands heroic modes.

Carebears is currently recruiting for it's 10 man raid group which are GMT+8 based.

Comprised of several long term WoW friends, we'll be taking a relaxed but skilled approach, raiding only twice a week. Thursday and Sunday, 9pm-12am server time.

Who we're after, and what we ask of you:

-Someone who is capable of listening & improving
-Someone who fits into our listed raid schedule and can make 99% of the raids
-Turn up to raids on time prepared with food/flasks
-iLevel 535+ including full enchants/gems
-Aged 18+ preferred

What we're after:

1 Ranged DPS

Druid Boomkin/Resto offset would be great
Sham Ele/Resto offset would be great

Any exceptionally skilled player feel free to apply, even if you're not listed as the class/spec we prefer. We'd like to however achieve a somewhat balanced 10 man with a diversity of buffs/debuffs.

Any questions contact myself Mooshie, Demonvolk or Destruise in game.

Please apply via our recruitment forums at http://carebears-fm.enjin.com/
Any boomies or ele shams out there?? :)
hahaha lies :)
Any boomies or Ele Shams out there??
Bump for the rerollers
Bumping for DPS :)
Still looking for a ranged
Gear me up <3
lol - You already look geared up :D
cagen <3
bumping for a DPS :)
Carebears is still looking for a DPS :)
Still looking for a DPS :)
Bump for the little pink bundle of awesomeness
<3 Thanks Nixee
We are still looking for a DPS
just wondering why this group of people can raid together for like 5 years and never improve
I think you might find that you have your facts a little twisted.

I think you might also find, that not everyone has the time to raid in wow 3 or 4 nights a week. For a guild that only raids 6 hours a week and guild that doesn't take wow too seriously, I'm pretty sure we do fairly well.

I see you've done exceptionally well this xpac :) hahaha

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