I <3 this seasons pve 4 set for pvp

I never arena, got 1750 in 2s after going 19-5 2 shotting kids (2 loses to my rogue friend dcing)

got to 1896 in rbgs, litterally got a proc that one shot the fc

The most fun playing my ret since reckbomb vanilla. I cant believe more people are not running 4 piece for pvp.

Will next season pve gear be near as viable? Im running lfr gear right now with the ilvl difference if i upgraded it, would i be on point with the new pvp? If not if i start running normal ToT next patch and use last seasons tier would it be viable next patch?

If you upgrade the lfr pieces, they'll take ten weeks before they're not being downscaled and eventually they'll be 12 ilvl behind. If you want to keep that set bonus you should try to get 522 tier pieces.
Hah, so I'm not the only one who enjoys using this tier's PVE 4 set in PVP. ;)

07/23/2013 10:30 AMPosted by Psycogirl
litterally got a proc that one shot the fc

Prettyyyyy much.
Sometimes I take my 4pc into random BGs. Overall I don't feel more powerful in PVE gear than I do in PVP gear (in instanced PVP). If anything, it's my Primo trinket that feels awesome. Besides the passive secondary crit/haste it's worth 6k strength as long as I'm still hitting something.

It's just the 4-set, nothing else. It feels a lot like being back in SM-TAiaJ pvping, and every so often you go "oh lol you died."
You killed Nitoryu.
Your Templar's Verdict hit Nitoryu 227588 Holy. (56239 Overkill) (Critical)
You just don't notice it a bunch. You give up ~11% pvp power for it, but the non-CD no-crit TV's are still so much stronger but they're also not really noticeable. I mean, I've had zero CD/proc TV's that crit for over 100k. It's good enough that I've had more hate whispers in the last two months than I've had in the previous year or so.
It's something I'd like to look into, but I don't like how PvE gear is better than PvP gear in PvP. It doesn't seem right to me and as much as I'd love to use the 4set PvE bonus, I do hope they fix it somehow. But before that I'd like to see how much I could crit with it because during my burst phase I've been critting for around 70-91k a lot lately :)

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