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I'm trying to get this toon enough gear for raid finder but the only ways I've found to get valor are heroics and dailies. Dailies take too long with very little gear and heroics also take a long time if you take the que time into account. Are there any other ways for me to get valor/gear before I can do raid finder?
also, do the Barrens and Isle of Thunder weeklies, that's 350 Valor right there. And the Barrens can reward you with 1 Epic (if it doesn't drop, you can take the mojo and either buy from the vendor or use gold on the AH, those kor'kron stuff is so cheap these days).

The Isle of Thunder for killing 3 mobs with a group. The Barrens for grinding commanders and caravan escorts (your mileage may vary, on this character, is scared me how quickly I get drops).
I only have a 453 ilvl, I can't even do msv lfr. Why would I be able to do heroic scenarios? lol
Barrens Weekly + Heroic Scenario Erreday = Good Times
Woo I just did nalak and I got 522 hands! :D Now I can get into lfr :)

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