Seal of Truth vs Seal of Justice

I see that people say seal of truth. But what I want to know is why? Anyone have evidence they could provide?

What about a combination for burst phase for seal of justice and than back to truth for regular time?
If you're talking PvE, the damage from Censure way more than makes up the difference in on-hit damage, and the GCD cost of switching seals prevents it from ever being anything except a DPS loss.
The DPS loss from switching seals makes sense for sure. I was just using a test dummy and out of burst time frame, it moved down to be about the same on recount. Now granted I may not have been on the ball about my rotation and did not do it for long enough to get an accurate picture.
Seal of Justice is mainly for PvP unless for w/e reason in PvE you have to slow a mob down but really there are other dps classes that should be taking care of "slowing adds" duty.

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