Why does..

ret suck so bad in duels? /confused

1 fear from any class and you pretty much lose. gg
Full tyrannical, 0 professions, stamina gems. wut?

Also duels? why are you in pvp gear if you're dueling. Full PvE gear ready go.
Your Melee hit Natalief-Garona 82242 Physical. (Critical)
Your Templar's Verdict hit Natalief-Garona 214057 Physical. (Critical)
Your Seal of Truth hit Natalief-Garona 8311 Holy.
You killed Natalief-Garona.
Your Hand of Light hit Natalief-Garona 31070 Holy. (83414 Overkill)

You killed Nitoryu.
Your Templar's Verdict hit Nitoryu 227588 Holy. (56239 Overkill) (Critical)

I'll just leave these here, and you can continue saying Ret is bad.
Good job verelina you can hit a lvl 80 with a berserker buff a potion and a bunch of cds plus a pve trinket and in all pve gear lulz no one hits a near 300k with a !@#$ing hand of light mastery proc lmao
Good job, Atolondor! You apparently fail at reading numbers.

Depending on what you were looking iat, Hand of Light either hit for 31k, or 114k (counting overkill).

But good for you pulling 300k out of thin air.

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