why am i missing against a level 87 non-elite

pvp or pvp gear doesn't matter, i'm missing quite a few times on random stuff, not just one type, it happens frequently.

i should not miss any special abilities on anything my level or below, as long as my target has no increased ability to increase dodge parry miss chance, which most mobs do not have, yet in general, i seem to miss quite often and it's really bothering me.

i have never experienced this before playing a ret pally, has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?
You're right, PvE or PvP gear doesn't matter. But having 3.6% hit fighting PvE mobs does.
...Against an 87 non-elite, you really shouldn't be missing; 3% hit should be sufficient to cover anything your level or lower. I have a suspicion, but need to know which abilities in particular are missing? And is it a flat-out miss, or are you being dodged/parried?

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