LF: 2 tanks for friday ToT clear for alt run

Hi Folk,

It is a pain every week to find a decent and stable pug who can actually clear ToT within one day and also do some heroics.

I am sick of it spending hours of reading the trade chat and hope that a guild is short or a pug comes up. And if there is a pug you can be lucky and clear it or you will stuck somewhere in the middle and spend another day on wipes.

As you will know the main reason for this is the fact that good tanks are very rare especially those without a guild. However, Frostmourne does not have any strong 25h guild anymore who clear the content on one day which ends up with a lot small 10m roster guilds.

As from my experience not all of these 10m heroic guilds have an alt run so I assume there are tanks but they do not want to waste time with pugs and wipe each week. Same as good healer and dps don't wanna join normal mode pugs with tanks who don't know what to do.

Beside guild runs and pugs I found back in WotLK that there where a lot of good players around who do not want to play much and do not want to join a guild. So, I grabbed them and we formed a kind of permanent pug group who only was up for one day a week and players could stay in their social guild. This was with 25 players and we managed to kill more as the half on heroic back in time including LK normal mode one shot farm.

I will try the same here on Frostmourne by forming a permanent pug with good players who want to run their alt, don't want to waste time and also wanna stay in their current guild.

The run will be always Friday at 7pm server time but depending on the group we can move that around.

As I said it all starts with a good tank or two. Therefor I am looking for two tanks who are keen to go down this road.

Of course we will start with a normal clear but start doing heroics as soon as the group gets stable.

If you are interested please contact me here or ingame.


my tank: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/frostmourne/Poundie/advanced

im good at a smashing kegs and stuff
I'd really love to be a part of this, could use a week or two to get geared properly though before starting. I'm a fury main spec, prot off spec warrior. Would like to have a chat in game with ya and talk further about this. I'll be on tonight for most of the night, hope to chat then. Cheers.
I have been looking for a raid that would work with my schedule for a bit and I would be willing to xfer but all i ask is that there be a constant weekly raid and me not xfer'ing for no reason hit me up

I can bring a blood dk if its stopping the group from going but I'd rather bring my disc priest and get dorfie to teach me how to play.

That or just come stab stuff on my rogue.
07/26/2013 09:58 AMPosted by Bizmarkie
get dorfie to teach me how to play


that'll be 50k gold, these tips aren't free
I com pls tank m8.
are you still looking for tank?

my main is 4/13hm

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