Shield Drop rates in ToT.

Are there any other players out there having a hard time getting a shield to drop from LFR/Normal ToT? Because I have been going after one for the past 2 months and still have had no luck what so ever.
I never saw a strength shield drop from TOT until June.
Nope. But there are three of them in ToT--the last tier with multiple tank shields was ICC, with two, only one of which was the highest item level. Between that, LFR, and bonus rolls, it's much easier to get a decent shield now...unless you're really unlucky. :P
My second Lei Shen kill on this guy got me the LFR shield, and I don't even tank very much these days. It's just a lot of RNG.
Thankfully no. But being stuck with Qiang's for so long was quite frustrating. What was blizzard thinking when they didn't have a shield in T14 proper?
Been running every week with bonus rolls since ToT started to become unveiled, (granted first six or so weeks were focused on holy with very nice drop rates), have yet to even see a tanking shield yet though. /unlucky
Maintank has never seen a 522 or greater shield drop since we started, which is a bummer because I want the next one :(

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