new to holy paly

After I level this toon to 90 and get some gear for her I want to roll a holy paladin. I have been researching them and it looks like they don't have any heirlooms besides some pvp shoulders. Is this correct?

Should I send her mail intellect heirlooms? Leather? Cloth? Please advise!

Also what should I expect gear wise while leveling? Is there not a lot of healing plate gear? What should I expect to need on if this is true? I just don't want to end up being heinously under geared passing on blues that aren't healing plate.

Do they always wear plate or do they start as mail?

Thank you in advance for any replies.
I sent this toon the mail heirlooms because they look the best. But to be honest there isn't a difference. Now you can get a healing shield which is nice and means that's one less thing to fight over with other classes.

As far as leveling wise goes you will not see any healing plate until Stratholme (if i remember correctly) after which it can still be spotty. But lucky everyone now is that you get the bag of goods after each run. It can give you healing plate when you reach the plate level that is. What i did was need on healer type items. In low levels, as long as your class uses the stats, then its up for grabs. You can end up looking like a mess but its all useful gear.

And yes, they start off in mail and change at 50 to plate.
Thank you so much. You answered every question! I'm capped in honor atm sogood timing.
Good luck!!! They are bad healers and have a very low output.
Good luck!!! They are bad healers and have a very low output.

LOL, no we are not bad healers and do not have low output.

OP - Yes get the mail healing heirlooms.
They change to plate when your character gets to level 50.

And yes mix and match other than heirloom healing gear until 50.
That's when the wearing all plate bonus kicks in.

If you have all heirlooms on (helm, shoulders, chest, back, weapon, shield, legs, trinkets), you can easily heal dungeons while leveling even if your other slots are fileld with ret pally gear.
Use the flash of light glyph and I recommend the bubble hearth glyph of righteous retreat
for those oh look it's a bad tank times.
Good luck!!! They are bad healers and have a very low output.


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