Question on tanking gear

I used to tank in BC and Wrath, but haven't since ICC. I want to get back into it, but have a question regarding gearing.

According to icy veins, the best stats for at is are hit, expertise, mastery, and haste, so I was wondering, should I spend valor on tanking gear with dodge and parry, and reforge to the stats I need, or just use my DPS gear and forge the criticl strike into dodge and parry?
Crit is a fairly useless stat for so you should avoid having it on your gear, so the tank gear would be slightly better.
everything ive been reading says haste >>>>>>all else....

that said ive been using my ret set to tank and just slapping on a shield/one hander and do amazingly better. not that my gear is great, but i reforge the crit into hit/exp/mastery depending on the piece. Avoidance stats are generally avoided :)
Alright then, thanks for the input guys. It was kinda confusing, by I've got an idea of what to do now.
The Valor gear with haste/mastery is great. Get it and ignore the tank items for those slots.

For anything that's haste/crit, you have to weigh the cost. Crit itself is useless, but you'll generally get more haste from a haste/crit item than you would from reforging a tank item to haste. It's mostly a question of whether you're focusing on maximizing haste versus not taking useless stats.

If it's crit and something that's not haste, don't use it.
I don't mind an item that has crit on it as long as it has haste.... HASTE/ mastery or crit don't matter .. Always take haste ... Who cares the what the other stat is for the most part.. Crit increases dps mastery increases block value ... HASTE is so dominate its crazy...

With drop rates not in may favor, idc if it has crit ... I'll take the added dps via crit if I must..

It really can't be explained better then what Kenten posted ..

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