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Wanting advice on a site to view decent rotations, glyphs, gemming etc that is straight forward and easy to read, have seen some but they have so much mumbo jumbo in them that frankly it is rather over whelming. Am giving though to re-entering end game after near 3 years of steering clear of all end game and have no idea anymore on rotations, stats, mastery v expertise v hit etc and their soft caps v hard caps. Am a very casual player, no interest in progressive raiding etc but do believe in at least trying my best and my best is clueless today. Thanks for any in-put:) is usually a good place to start.
icy-veins, what storm suggested, is very detailed and will break everything down for you but it could be a little over whelming since it goes into great details about everything.

I personally use which gives a simple list of priorities and what goes where.

Also feel free to ask any questions of the forum we're rather helpful.
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Yeah... you should stop that.
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Yeah... you should stop that.
07/21/2013 03:13 AMPosted by Solviras

Never, ever recommend that site. Icy-Veins is bad enough, but serviceable. We have some really good guides stickied here.
Okay, can I ask why? I don't use the dps rankings but everything else works, at least imo.
Noxxic doesn't bother to verify that anything they say is correct, so it's often wrong. That's why forum guides (here, EJ, MMO-Champion, etc.) are usually the best choices: they're peer-reviewed.
Typically, Noxxic has either been wildly inaccurate or so far out of date as to be wildly inaccurate, and the way it (and IcyVeins) handles stat priorities is done in such a way that people lock onto a single method and don't understand that all stats are good for Ret; the current stat priority has crit at bottom, and so it likely means people will shun crit without realizing why, or that crit can be better than mastery in certain circumstances of gear.

Noxxic also doesn't cover different talents/gearing options for different situations, just gives a cookie-cutter build - and that's really the best place where IcyVeins wins out over Noxxic, is in that IcyVeins offers some modicum of intelligent choice. Hell, IV is even covering both gemming biases, now, and recommending people use SimCraft to determine their individual breakpoints, which is a massive plus in their favor.

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