How am I doing so far?

I've been very unlucky with drops until I got a few recently, I just wanted to know how am I doing so far should I change anything? Am I using the right gems and enchants? Should I reforge something other than haste?
Why is your hit and expertise around 3.1%? Unless a pvp spec, hit should be 7.5 and exp at 15%. No hitting means no holy power.
Oh dear. Well, it at least looks like you have the right idea, but your gearing lacks focus. Your gemming and reforging is all over the place.

As Sivil said, Prot requires 7.5% hit and 15% expertise. Reaching these caps is the top priority. Replace your glove enchant with expertise, and your gems like so:
- Red socket: Expertise
- Yellow socket: Expertise/haste
- Blue socket: Expertise/hit
When you reach the caps, you can start shuffling those gems into better stats (e.g. haste/expertise in red sockets, haste/hit in blue sockets, pure haste in yellow sockets). With that said:
- Never gem for dodge or parry. They're weak stats.
- Stamina is an "as much as you think you need" stat. If you're uncomfortable with your health, you can use hybrid stamina gems, but try to avoid using pure stamina gems. However, gemming or enchanting (on slots with better enchants available) for stamina isn't usually necessary until heroic modes.

As far as reforging goes, stop reforging out of hit and expertise until you reach those caps. Additionally, you should be reforging the weaker stats into other stats first--at the moment you're reforging stronger stats, sometimes into even weaker stats. When reforging, keep this in mind:
- Dodge: If an item has dodge, always reforge away from it first, unless the item has hit or expertise and you're already capped at 7.5%/15% respectively. Never, ever reforge something else into dodge.
- Parry: This is the second priority to reforge out of. Like dodge, you should never be reforging anything else into parry.
- Mastery: It's not a bad stat right now. Reforge away from it if you need to (e.g. an accuracy/mastery item while not hit or expertise capped). If you have an item with native haste, and you don't need hit or expertise, reforge the other stat to mastery.
- Haste: This is the best stat to have, which it looks like you know. However, it's not as important as the hit and expertise caps. Thus, if you have an item with no haste and you can reforge it into hit or expertise while below the caps, do that first.

Last but not least, you should set your loot specialization to Ret on any fight that drops good Ret items (e.g. haste/mastery, haste/hit, haste/expertise, even haste/crit if it's a decent item level increase). You'll want to have it set to Prot for weapons and shields, but that's pretty much it. Even Ret trinkets are usually better than tank ones.
Thanks for the help had no idea about the hit stuff, and that I should be loot speced for ret

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