[A] Pacific Phoenix LFM Casual Weekday raids

Pacific Phoenix (Alliance) on Aman'thul is a friendly casual raiding guild. We raid only 7 hours each week:

Monday 7.30 - 10pm SVT,
Wednesday 8pm - 10pm SVT, and
Thursday 7.30 - 10pm SVT.

Historically we have generally aimed to clear normal mode raid content while it is current (and whatever heroic bosses that we can do before the next patch). However we have had a bumpy start to MoP with the losses of some regular key raid members (and then again 4 months later) to outside game commitments and loyalties. For our most up to date progression please see the armory or wowprogress.

We are looking for a tanky type, a healy type, and a dps type (please check our website for further details). We prefer to have a padded roster so that we can still raid on nights when we have, for example, 4 people afk. This also means that there are nights when we need to sit someone/s out but generally we're all considerate and if someone doesn't need a boss then they will swap out for someone who does.

What we expect from our raiders:
  • That they are 18+ years of age.
  • At least 80% attendance (as measured on a monthly basis) for priority for first bids on loot (we have a dkp loot distribution system - if you have strong feelings about that you're probably too hard core for us to be a comfortable home for you) and raid spots.
  • Some effort to be made each week outside our raids towards improving your toon if needed (e.g. valor capping, and/or upgrading, and/or progress on legendary questline, and/or running LFR for gear).
  • That they know their class/role's rotation and how to best use their healing, dps and/or survivability cooldowns.
  • Provide own flasks and potions.
  • That they are optimally enchanted and gemmed (new gear to be gemmed and enchanted by the next raid).
  • The general ability to not stand in bad things.
  • The ability to laugh and improve with progression wiping and noob moments.
  • What we offer you:
  • A bit of fun while raiding.
  • A nice, helpful group of people to chill out with in between raid times.
  • A no-tolerance policy for personal insults, nastiness, and strong verbal aggression.
  • Repairs on raid nights.
  • Banquets! (in game only :) ).
  • The chance to hang out with a warlock who pretends to be a butcher and a DK with the most ridiculous luck you'll ever see (this guild sells itself!!)
  • We post logs mostly for progression fights to help us figure out how to improve.
  • We don't require min/maxing (e.g. we won't tell you that you must have engineering) - just basic proficiency.
  • If we sound like a good home for you please contact Schell, Spudacus or Mýst in game or head to our newly rejigged website wwwdotpacificphoenixdotcom and put in an application (it's brief and handy!).
    Dark Animus down so 9/12 10N now. Looking for heals and dps.
    Bump .. now 2/14 SoO

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