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Hi i'm pretty new to the game and was wondering if i could get some seasoned pally's to look at my gear and tell me if there is anything i could improve in terms of gems and enchants. I'm getting into PVE alot more now and my dps seems to be lacking alot even though my gear score is higher then other classes. I was wondering if it was a gear issue or perhaps my rotation. I always refresh inquisition on 2-4 seconds and always with 3 holy power. I Templar's verdict at 3 holy power and hammer of wrath whenever possible while using exorcism and crusader strike on cooldown and judgement as lowest priority. I open with guardian and pop all my other offensive cooldowns after about 10 seconds into the fight and then again whenever they are off cooldown. I struggle to get over the 95'ish k damage(usually 80-90 k) on some encounters(thats over the entire duration of the fight. i generally peak at about 120-150 for the first minute but then drop off hard and never get back up there). i have even tried using clcret to make sure im using optimal dps and still not working. Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated like Should i gem haste over strength ? or is it my gear holding me back
General priority queue for single target:

Inq > 5HP Templar's Verdict (to avoid overflow) > HW > Exo > CS > Judge > TV

The keys to ret dps are inquisition uptime, making sure you don't overflow HP, and then cooldown management. Try to line up Execution Sentence with trinket pots/AW/GoAK and you will see a dps increase.

Templar's verdict when you have any HP generators off cooldown but aren't at 5 HP is a waste, because it reduces the amount of holy power you generate over the course of the encounter.
thanks for the fast reply !
so it's simply a rotation issue that i'll have to work on. only using TV on 5 HP seems interesting i'll try it.
Only thing I can see gear-wise is that you should be gemming with a haste-bias - pure haste for yellow/prismatic sockets, orange strength/haste gems in red sockets, and haste/hit gems in blue sockets. Also, tier pieces > higher item level gear; Ret's set bonuses have been quite strong this expansion, so hold four-piece bonuses until you can migrate into double two-piece.

A note on rotation, new information discovered on EJ in the last day or so suggests Exorcism is now last in our single-target priority (but above TV3~4). Whether or not that's gonna hold up in AoE, they're just starting to look into it.
speaking of AOE what do you recommend the rotation i use for that is ? cause i just spam hammer and the divine strike or whatever its called whenever i can
AoE rotation typically follows single-target rotation, just swap Hammer of the Righteous for Crusader Strike and Divine Storm for Templar's Verdict.
Also, melee dps and hunters are limited, dps wise, by their weapon(s). I see you have the 502 crafted 2H Axe, which isn't bad, but its not amazing either. Upgrading to a regular ToT 2H weapon will increase your DPS by a lot.
Heroic scenario everyday for 516 gear low chance but vastly greater than lfr loot
thanks for the fast reply !
so it's simply a rotation issue that i'll have to work on. only using TV on 5 HP seems interesting i'll try it.

It's not that you only want to be using TV on 5 HP, it's that if you have an HP generator available and do not have 5 HP, you want to be generating holy power. If you have 3-4 HP and everything else is on c/d, then you should also be using TV then.
Enchants seem all good, for your boots you can actually get the straight haste enchant and spec into Pursuit of Justice, apart from Ji-kuns pushback ability, you don't really need a sprint for most bosses this tier. Also, once you start to get more gear and are struggling to stay below hit cap, you can change your cloak enchant to crit instead for a little bit more damage.

As said above, change your gems and start gemming for haste, it is our main damage stat now.

Seeing as you have 2 piece, on most fights you also will want to pick up Gylph of Exorcism. While making it melee range does sound meh, it is insane AoE damage, as it spreads the debuff to everything in range and increases the damage of both the inital ability and the mastery after it as well. On something like the bats in the tortos fight, if you can cast exorcism then a divine storm, you will hit like a truck.

Most of a ret pally's dps comes from our cd management. Our rotation is fairly easy to pick up, its getting to know each fight and when to use our cd's that increases our dps. On a straight Patchwerk fight, then yes just use them on cd but a lot of fights this tier have damage increasing mechanics, such as pools on Jin Rokh, 5 buffs in Primordius, after Horridon destroys a gate, etc. Watch some vids and learn each fight before hand and popping cooldowns during/after these mechanics will make you skyrocket.

While using Sanctified Wrath, on first use, use it at the same time as guardian as both last for 30 seconds, only wait around 10 seconds if using Holy Avenger. Important thing to note about Execution Sentence, it snapshots your stats when it is cast, so use it when you have as many buffs as possible to make it hit harder.

If you have the spare time/gold, try and max your professions, every little bit helps :) and since epic gems are normally introduced in the final tier, the extra sockets from blacksmithing always make it one of the stronger professions for min/maxing.

Finally, upgrade weapon if you have the VP spare, its always a big increase and try to get another trinket, as Gaze of the Twins is terrible for ret (its hard to get another one, i know).

Hope this wall of text helps, and good luck with your raiding :P
thanks sylvertongue that info really helps, i appreciate the input

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