[A][10M] <Intemperate> Recruiting! [5/13HM]

Intemperate is a mature 10-man Oceanic PVE progression guild on US-Frostmourne. We're a relatively new guild formed midway into T14. Our core raiders have come from previous successful high-end guilds and have a wide variety of experience in endgame raiding. We run a roster of around 11-13 raiders to maintain good class balance dependent on the encounter, and rotate our raiders through farm content. You are expected to be available 90% of the time.

Current Progression


Current Recruitment

- 1x Resto Shaman

Raid Days (SVT GMT+10)

- Wed: 8pm-11:30pm
- Thur: 8pm-11:30pm
- Sun: 8pm-11:30pm

Our expectations

- Research & understand fight mechanics.
- Appropriately geared character.
- Have excellent understanding of your class.
- Raid attendance of 90% and above.

What we offer you

- Assistance in gearing and preparing your character
- Guild repairs
- Feasts
- Fun & social environment. We do things together outside of raiding.
- Serious attitude for progression.

Interested in Applying?

We do not use a formal application system, instead we prefer you to contact us in game. We generally will trial you for 1-2 raid nights and ensure you are a good fit with our guild.

Contact Us

You can speak with any guild member in game, drop a reply here, or contact me on Battletag @ Argantis#1524
up for 4/13
up for 5/13
Up - chasing a ranged DPS in the form of a Boomkin, Mage or Warlock.

Must be able to maintain a 90% attendance rate, be knowledgeable on all upcoming HM encounters and have strong hard mode progression intentions in mind for 5.4

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