Destro PvP in 5.4?

Hello Fellow warlocks,
This is a question to all warlocks that do arena, but mostly aimed towards Destro/Demo Locks, do you think that we will be nearly forced into switching to affliction with all the buffs in 5.4? At the moment, in the patch notes, destro itself is not being touched, and Demo is getting minor changes, yet affliction dots are being buffed through the roof. I'm just curious on what you all will be playing in 5.4 and if you guys think Destro/Demo will still exist in arena next patch.
They are being buffed but "through the roof"? One dot increased by 5%, one dot by 10%, and the third by zero.
Haunt now deals 50% more damage, and increases damage done by all of the Warlock's other spells against the target by 45%. That is what is getting buffed through the rood and 5% and 10% are a substantial amount when my other dots are increased by additional 10% then they already are.
I'd like to know how Destro will fair in 5.4 as well. If it's still viable...I will probably dust off my warlock and play him instead. I find Destro to be such a fun spec to play.

Anyone know if it will still be viable? Affliction is so boring imo.
Destro just feels like the Frost DK or BM Hunter warlock spec to me. I don't understand why people think its so much fun.
Well, you only said aff dots, I keep forgetting about the haunt buff. It's so good, I think I'm prepping myself for the loss of it.
Soul swapping won't remove the dots anymore either so we won't need to SB it nearly as much meaning even more haunt uptime or my shards to use on utility, like teleport.

TBH destro is really getting the shaft with nerfs to both kjc and MF, as well as ROF emeber gen.
Ahh the demonic fire mage.
I'll stay Destruction in 5.4, I'll have a ball with Howl of Terror being baseline. I've learned it inside and out I have adapted to KJC a little too much i think. But running and casting is a little unfair imo anyway. Like kiting a warrior at the perfect range to where i am to close for him to charge but far enough to avoid his melee range. The big numbers burst from Chaos Bolt and Shadowburn are just too enjoyable. Not to mention the 195k non crit ember tap heals :D
no thanks aff, and no thanks demo.
destro pvp 5.4 won't exist omitting the select few that think they can make it work.
Yeah id assume all the baddies to stop following the destro crowd.

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