Holy 2pc or OS chest?

So i picked up the 522 chest token, just wondering if our Holy 2pc is worth ditching a much better itemized chest for? Or should i just ditch that and get the ret chest for my Prot set, which is very well itemized for current Prot.

Bump for justice!
Holy 2 set is very strong.
Thank you very much sir or madame!
Holy 2-piece is crap, imo. The only reason any one uses it is because chest/helm are spirit/mastery itemized.
Wat he said...but even then the chest piece from Jin Rokh, Ionized Yojamban Carapace, is better IMO. if you need to find out for your self then just look at how much healing your Daybreak has done on a fight then ask yourself if the increase to it is worth it to U. To me it has not been, however i still keep 2 tier pieces in my bag at all times for those odd fights that may require more stacking amongst the Raid, IE Magera. My opinion comes from 10 man HC tho so I imagine in 25 man the use of the 2 set is increased.
Gaining a 2pc is generally better than straight stat itemization (which can be reforged). When you get the 3rd piece, swap back (or use the best 2). When you get the 4th (I'm not really impressed with it), you have the option of using the 4pc as needed. Get the 5th, and use the best 4 itemized pieces.

The chest off Jin'rokh is stronger. The only tier you want, is Shoulders & Helm due to their stat itemization.

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