Stay away from Covetous Guild.

Burning Legion
For your good sake just don't join this Guild if you expect a nice group of people. Most of them won't hesitate to back stab you and deform any conversation you might had with them to their advantage to make sure you look stupid. They base all their judgment of a person on their gear , you are not geared at this time ? You are probably bad , a kid or a female to them.

I was surprised when that happened just because i said something on an alt who's not geared at all about a pally fully geared in a BG killing me only with his Hammer of Wrath. Then i got all the insult possible , QQ , stop crying , i am bad , i can't play my class , i can't los , i am a kid , i don't put enough effort , i must be a female and a feminist.

It's the first time since Vanilla WoW i saw such drama in a Guild over a comment a Guild member made just like that to start a conversation.

I usually don't give a crap about that kind of stuff but for months their GM ( Kamah ) was acting all nice and i thought he was a nice guy , and then all of a sudden he's the one starting all the insults and like good dogs all the raiders who raid with him followed him and deformed even more stuff i said only 15 minutes before.

So if you are looking for a Guild with nice people to talk with and advance in the game , forget this game all their Officers are acting nice only to get you in their raid and help them get their so awesome purple loot.

On the other hand if you don't mind being used and judged by your gear , go ahead and join them you might get a spot one day.

I know i'll get a lot of negative reply here after all we're on a forum. I am just posting that to save time to the nice people out there who are looking for a Guild to raid with. Just avoid this Guild.

Have a nice day.
Is this even a Burning Legion guild? I think you're on the wrong forum, bro.
bubbles, why are you posting this on a random server?
hey bubble nutz who the hell are you even, I sure as hell never ran anything with so I guess you are a no Body and like to rage. oh yea and way to post on wrong server
Kamah u suck fat boy

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