Xuen's Challenge

I am currently on the stage of the legendary quest line where I have to defeat Wrathion and complete Xuen's Challenge to get my 600 cloak. Since ToT LFR dropped I have only been able to raid 10M Normal twice and haven't received any weapons from any of the bosses. I have used my bonus rolls on Megara and Iron Qon every week for nearly 16 straight weeks and still have never seen any weapon drops. I'm still using 2x Spiritsever (iLvl 483). (my full gear list can be seen here http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/gear/usa/sargeras/baraki) From all the videos and tips I've read/seen I'm following the mechanics and everything else to the tee. What frustrates me is that when the tear adds spawn I cannot down them with FoK spam before my Evasion and Combat readiness wear off and I get nuked by the adds as soon as they wear off. Is this because my daggers are holding me back from doing enough damage to the adds or is it probably another reason? Looking for advise, tips and tricks. Thanks.
Hello there Baraki! You definitely aren't alone in having difficulty with this quest.

My advice, try it as Combat. Between Blade Fury and Killing Spree, the encounter was much, much easier. Also, talent to Burst of Speed. That helped give me a little extra boost to get out of the way. cheat Death will also give you the extra avoidance needed.

This encounter sucks as a rogue. It isn't going to be easy. I'm pretty sure I wiped some 30-40 times before I got it. Combat is the key.

Also- your stuns are your best friend. I opened with Garrote on him, but used Kidney Shot, Blind, and Kick to help keep the massive attacks under control. This definitely helps in the last phase where he spawns clones. If you keep him in a stun-lock (the best you can), he'll only cast it one or two times before you kill him.

It is possible. At the lower level gear, it is very very frustrating and at first seems impossible. I did it at a 520 ilvl and it was a major pain. You just have to have 100% precision for this fight. Blizzard definitely makes you work for it, but it makes the super cloak all the more awesome.
omg this fight is too hard
If you're assassination, use crippling poison and keep recup up. It keeps the adds slow enough that you can kite them around as much as needed for poison to finish them off.
i did this in my assassin spec. The fight is less about dps output that it is amout damage avoidance and recovery - so i do not think your lower level daggers will hurt you. I have pretty low level daggers compared to most of the beast rogues posting on the forums. Save up energy in the build up to tears and spam fan of knives. I used cloak for the first burst of damage from tears and I used faint (i have it glyphed) to help survive the second blast.

Always keep recoup up. I consumed one pot for health during the fight as well. Took me about ten tries to get this down. As you do it, you will get a feel for it and ultimately you will kick !@#$!

Good luck.
omg this fight is too hard

One, he asked for advice not a nerf.

Two, you're a Warrior. You a couple of advantages over Rogues in this encounter that make it a bit easier, including the ability to skip it altogether and do the easier tank challenge.
Got it on my second try a little while ago.

You can Cloak the massive AoE his mirrors do to give you more time to clear them out.
I'm excited for when I get my cloak... Hopefully next week or the week after!

Wrathion sounds like Creed 2.0!
What I did is just single target them. I'm not sure if this is a glitch or not, but one always seemed to be faster than the others, so there was, say, one at 100% speed, one at 80%, and one at 50% (this is an exaggeration, I couldn't tell you what it really looked like.) so I had no problem killing them one at a time...got it on my first try.
When I did this part of the quest my gear was at 518. I did not have ToT daggers either. I had 2 LFR spirit severs. I went combat, stood in the middle of the room making sure to stay behind Wrathairon the whole time. When the first adds spawn pop adrenaline rush, combat rediness, blade flurry and stay on Wrath the whole time. When the second set of adds spawn. Pop shadow blades, evasion, and blade flurry and stay on Wrath the whole time... I did this and had him dead by the time the second set of adds died.

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