Paladins! I require your aid!

((Recently we began a storyline on our server to rebuild the Knights of the Silverhand. Yes, I am aware that Fordring combined them with the AD to create the Argent Crusade, but we're doing it anyway. We're using the war with Garrosh and the "loyalists" as a jumping off point. Recently we did an RP event where we raided a tower in EPL (using Karazhan as a placeholder) to recover a lost tome written by Uther when he first formed the order.

So, my question to you is, what would be in the that tome? We're going to use Gryphonheart items to actually write the tome for in game distribution and I'd love feedback from other paladins as to what they'd like to see if they were to ever read the tome of Uther.

Completely off-topic and seriously unhelpful, but please tell me you secretly call your Guardian of Ancient Kings "Whistler."
I think this is a fantastic idea. I'm not sure how to answer your question exactly, but I did want to take time to thank you for being an active roleplayer. If you it's ok with you, I may like to steal this idea and use a variation of it for horde side content. wow, totally impressed.
((@Lastcrusader. I did, I posted it in both forums for ULTIMATE FEEDBACK
((@Nimaj Glad you love it, and by all means take it! I'd love to read your version of it.
((Here's the story as it exists so far Nimaj, the first two are personal journals that initialized the RP, the last 5 are logs converted to storyform from the actual RP events thus far.
Watch out for the Nimaj guy, he smells funny!!

Anyways, WOW! You sir have put time into this... For this you get a cookie and a hug.

One, i love to see other Rpers out there. Second... i may run to your server and power level a pally up over there.
I feel sad thats it's widely acknowledged that the Silver Hand doesnt exist beyond Argent Crusade history books...
Not all it's cracked up to be, let me tell ya.
Worst thing is nothing has sprung up in its place. Hell, we don't even know who leads the church anymore....

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