I can't get EXPERTISE capped even with reforg

What am I doing wrong? I can't hold aggro and I am sure it's because my EXPERTISE is so low. How does one get it capped? I don't see what else I can do with the gear I have.

I quit for a long time and just came back and I'm getting irritated with this expertise being stuck.

I have reforged all I can. I'm not sure what else to do and PVE is not really my forté.
It looks like none of your gear has native expertise, so you're relying entirely on reforging. If you can get some gear with expertise on it directly, that'll of course help (100% is more than 40%).

For more immediate changes, gemming for expertise actually isn't a terrible idea when needed, and a Lessons of the Darkmaster or better yet Brutal Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault would get you a large chunk of the way there. Either are better than the Coren trinket, which is pretty mediocre for Paladins.
Ok thanks I guess I'll jus run some farm and try to get better stuff.
Yeah, as she said, don't be afraid to gem Expertise, and the SPA Strength trinket is great too, however, do note that Dodge is absolutely terrible for pretty much all tanks, so you should change your Dodge gems to Haste, and get a different weapon enchant.
Enchant glove expertise instead of your stam. Purple gems with Parry and stam ? Use Expertise in those sockets.

Basically, too much stam gems/enchants, avoidance gems. You should have 0 avoidance gems.

Running your current gear setup in AMR (I know.. but let's set up weights properly here and it'll be fine) I can get you to 7.51% hit and 15.14% expertise. Here's your shopping list (orange gems in yellow sockets, red gems in red sockets, purple gems in blue sockets) :

2 x
Accurate Imperial Amethyst
3 x
Keen Vermilion Onyx
1 x
Precise Primordial Ruby

1 x
Cloak Accuracy
1 x
Bracers Mastery
1 x
Gloves Superior Expertise

Next just use Reforge Lite to fill in the gaps or go to AMR and set the same weights I did :

Control/Mastery, then Edit Weights. Low Stamina and Enable "At least" mode.

There you go, all fixed up for a couple of gems and enchants.

Dodge your gems to Haste

OP appears to be going for a Mastery build. For now, don't start recommending he changes everything. I really suggest he learn to use AMR not as a suggestion site, but as a tool to perfect the build he wants. This means learning to set the weights yourself instead of using the bad weights they provide by default (yes, they are bad and they should feel bad, but they don't).
The main thing that jumps out at me is the dodge and parry gems -- you might be better off gemming expertise, if you really want to cap and you can't do it through reforging alone. You could even dump the parry socket bonuses to gem straight exp, if it's that important to you, but at least, half-expertise gems in some of the yellow and blue sockets could be beneficial.

AFAIK, gemming stamina isn't so great either, except when you have a good socket bonus on blue sockets and are already hit capped. At your ilvl you shouldn't be fighting anything that demands a ton of stam. Gemming some hit and changing some of your reforges into hit to reforges into exp might also be an option. Gemming heavy hit/exp as a tank feels a little weird at first, but with the mechanics of MoP where you need to hit to get the resources to defend yourself, it actually does work, especially at low ilvls where you can't easily get the hit/exp through pure reforging.

Although, as you can see, paladin isn't my main. So if I've said anything that conflicts with more experienced paladins, you might want to follow them instead.

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