Best race for ret pally?

If Orcs could be Pallys, I'd go with orc. Otherwise, Humans.

Nerf Humans.
Ally: Dwarf or Human
Horde: Blood Elf
Alliance: Human

Both races of the Horde have certain advantages. Blood Elf is good against casters.
Tauren are good because of their Warstomp.
For PvP, Human is far and away the best. If you're horde, Blood Elf.
Blood elf for sure if you are Horde. The racial silence is key in many situations to land kills, especially on healers. Well it was...Before ret hunter became the ultimate troll comp. Also the magic resistance is nice, since casters usually are the downfall of us.
Human for Alliance, Blood Elf for Horde.

Draenei can kinda get up to where humans are in PvE, because of the hit bonus with everything, where as humans only have swords and maces (AE; gimping yourself by using an axe.) with Exp. But hit's so out of control this tier that both racials don't really matter. The Shadow resistance is nice for Draenei, and the Human Spirit doesn't do anything for rets. Trinket's cool on fights where you can actually use it.

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