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Hey guys. I recently just started back up and I am working on getting geared. Iv never really played a paladin, mostly rogue/warrior. I was looking for some advice on my gear, thanks!
Too much hit, too much expertise - 2% over on hit, 1.5% over on expertise; Etched str/hit gem should be a Lightning haste/hit gem. Otherwise seems fine.
What Gron said. Take away some of that hit and expertise and reforge it to haste, or mastery if you can't do that. For instance, you can probably live without that extra hit on your shoulders, so restore them and reforge that crit to haste.

Also, since you're a human, you might as well take advantage of your racial. I'm not sure if the armory takes sword and mace specialization into account, but you're well over expertise cap either way. Reforge out of it, get more haste.

Let's see...the green gem in your boots can probably be replaced with a yellow quick gem, or failing that a str+haste orange. That will put you just a little closer to the hit cap.

Overall though you're on the right track. Just get rid of some of that excess hit and expertise.

Also (and this is more of a personal preference) I'd swap out one of your glyphs for Mass Exorcism. It's not like you're going to be fighting at a range much, and that extra cleave effect is pretty nice for trash.
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the green gem in your boots can probably be replaced with a yellow quick gem

Derp, missed that one; good catch!

And, yes, Armory does take racial into account - you can scroll over each to read their respective tooltips and see exactly how much rating is going to which. Cap is 2550 of each, for reference.
thank you for the advice guys, Im going to work on that
No prob, man; good luck!
Iv run into some new gear, my Hit rating is a little less now. Any more advice? Im kind of new to Paladin class.
You need about 160 more hit rating to cap...And you're even farther over the expertise cap than you were before. >_<

Lose the two blue gems in your belt; in the blue socket, use a Lightning haste/hit gem, and in the prismatic use a quick yellow. Boot gem still needs to be fixed, Quick gem there. Pants should have a Fierce strength/haste gem. Drop the Precise cogwheel in your Dragonling for mastery (Fractured?). After that, it should all be to reforging.

Do you use addons? If so, download ReforgeLite. Once you have it installed, go to a reforger and speak with it. In the RFL interface, click on the downward arrow near the top left next to Presets and select Retribution. Then scroll down and click Calculate, open the Results area, scroll all the way down to click Show, then click Reforge in the new window that pops up. After that, all your reforging is taken care of!

However, if you do not use addons, go to, enter your character and server names, click Load, then click Optimize at the bottom left of the screen. You'll have to tab back and forth to reforge manually from there.
ok, I was using Also for the LFR system, if you run the instance and only get gold, is that it for that week for that boss? or do you have the chance of getting gear if you run again since you only got gold.
You can only be assigned loot once per boss per week; however, in LFR, you can use the bonus roll feature as many times as you have coins - which, for T14, is theoretically infinite depending on how many treasure trove keys you can get in a week.

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