Ret 2v2 partner

Rdruid, DK, Lock, or rogue.

Potential for 1550?

For 1800?

Skilled players make anything work but for the average player. Which partner will have an easier time?

If played with a healer do you leave or draw it for rating?
All are viable for 1800, if you're new though play with a healer.
DK/Ret for easy, fast games. Rogue/Ret if you're good at timing CCs with your partner. Playing with a healer you will faceroll most double DPS but be prepared for long games vs. other healer/dps setups. I don't recommend Lock/Ret unless the Lock is really, really good.
I've played rdruid, lock, and dk to 1700 ish in 2s, but that was without skype or vent (except the dk) so they all should work fine. As for rogue as said above you'll really need to time everything, it's definitely viable though.
Even though you didn't list these choices, these are the best ret choices in twos:

Ret/Disc Priest
Hmm. Wondering if Ret/Rdruid is better than Ret/DK can't tell they are all so similar
Almost hit 1800 with a Resto Druid. We didn't care to be overly serious so we didn't use vent or skype or else I'm sure we could have went a little higher..though I do a bit better with a Disc Priest when it comes to running with Healers. I never really did a lot of double DPS comps other than a DK mainly.

If you're gonna run Ret/Healer expect to lose to good Disc/Hunter teams for obvious reasons.

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