Iv got a threat problem.

Ever scince I hit lvl88 I have been having problems with holding and generating threat. Can you guys please post why this might be. Or am I using the right spells? I just have no idea what's not working. P.s. I am protection.
You're not max level yet, and it's possible you're running with 90s in your dungeons.

Make sure you're using Hammer of the Righteous over Crusader Strike when AOEing, and also use Holy Wrath and Consecration. Don't feel afraid to use Hand of Salvation on your ally causing the most threat either.

EDIT: At the time of posting, the armory had showed you to be level 87.
Hit cap and at least Expertise soft cap, 7.5% on both. Your threat will skyrocket once you get both of those, and you'll also notice your Holy Power generation for SotR or WoG go up as well.

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