What seal is the best to use?

I been using the Seal of Truth for a while, because I thought it was the one we should be using. Its not bad, but than I took a closer look at seal of justice and that 20% extra hold damage started to look so much better, but is that one good for Ret Pallys? In terms of PVE anyway.
Truth, overall provides more DPS. Justice is better during burst, however I wouldn't recommend wasting the global on switching your seal if there are other things you could be doing, such as generating more Holy Power.
Justice's increased weapon damage simply doesn't compete with the damage of Censure, which is what most of Truth's damage comes from. The only reason to use Justice in PvE is if you need to slow an enemy.
Seal of Truth on 3 targets or less.

Seal of Righteousness on 4 or more targets.

Seal of Truth can be better then Righteousness on more then 4 targets depending on how proficient the user is with multi-dotting with Censure and how long the AoE lasts for.
Seal of Truth gives more DPS output in both PvE / PvP.

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