Glyph of Divine Shield

Glyph of Divine Shield
Major Glyph
Removing harmful effects with Divine Shield heals you for 10% for each effect removed. This heal cannot exceed 50% of your maximum health.

Anyone else find this interesting? When coupled with Unbreakable Spirit, we can restore 50% (at most) of our max health every 2.5 mins. While it doesnt grant the utility of Clemency, it definitely seems interesting. Thoughts on it's value, new strategies, etc?
Of course this Glyph is great for PVP.
Its like GG, men!

Bubble anyway is dispelling like 3-5 buffs , minimum.
I dig it. It saves time from having to burn mana to heal in Bubble, plus you'll be healed by the time it gets dispelled or shattered.
this glyph looks really nice, I hope it goes live.
Yea, does address a little situation you sometimes come across. You know you're being focused, heals is nowhere to be found, they gave you a good beating and you bubble but you're still low after ooming for 2 FoLs.

Would be nice to see live. Especially for Ret which currently has 1 mandatory major glyph and nothing else of any real interest.
So this combined with the new Unbreakable Spirit would be half a LoH every 2 and a half minutes. Neat.
The new patch has way too many good glyphs for us.

Right now I run Templar's Verdict, Word of Glory, and [insert whatever I feel like ATM]. After the patch it's gonna be rough deciding on what glyphs I want to run.

Glyph of Hand of Sacrifice is sexy, especially combined with clemency. Most likely useful when running with double DPS and you know your partner will be the kill target.

Glyph of Burden of Guilt is going to make sticking to targets, especially blinking mages and shifting druids much easier. I'm already a big fan of the ranged snare, I'll probably run this 90% of the time.

Using Divine Shield glyph when focused by 2 people almost guarentees you get the full 50% heal. With Unbreakable spirit this could be huge. Pop Shield when at 20-25%, get shot up to about 70%, one WoG or Flash heal and we're topped off. We can use the rest of the shields duration to stockpile Holy power, refresh inquisition, heal a team mate, whatever. Very nice.

I don't want to lose the WoG glyph, it adds a ton of burst if you time it right. The other options are crazy now though. I wish we had 4 slots. ¬_¬
Seems a bit OP to be honest, but if it's affected by battle fatigue then it's probably ok.

07/18/2013 01:34 PMPosted by Contritus
you're still low after ooming for 2 FoLs.

Huh? Rets can crit FoL for like 150k. if you get a lucky crit you should top yourself off. Selfless healer makes the first FoL free anyway.
I just drooled on my screen.
I like the way it looks. At least you don't blow a CD and wonder after if you should've used the other.

I'll bet you 20$ it'll get nerfed into the ground if it does go live, though.

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