Yu'lon Challenge (range dps) Moonkin problem.

Does anybody have any tips on how to defeat that challenge as a Moonkin (Balance druid)? The 1 min cooldown of Solar Beam is too long to interrupt Wrathion's abilitys, and Hurricane is too much of a !@#$ty aoe spell to kill the adds.

Even by creating an ursol's vortex to slow their speed by 20% and mass entangling rooting them, it still not enough to kill them before they reach me, even by kitting them. Plus, with Moonkin's Stafire, you can't kite the adds since the spell takes too long to cast. It seems Moonkin are at a huge disadvantage here.

I'm 520 ilvl. Any clue on how to get passed that quest?
Nevermind, managed to do it.
I'm having trouble with this one, any tips on how to do it?

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